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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Karel Reisz and produced by Tony Richardson and Harry Saltzman.

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Brenda: Been 'ere long?
Arthur Seaton: 10 minutes, was just looking at the lovely view.
Brenda: Better get down to earth then, adn't you?
Arthur Seaton: How did you go on at Aunt Ada's, it go off all right?
Brenda: No it didn't, was just one of them old wive's tales, she made me sit in a hot bath for 3 hours, had to drink a pint of gin. I'll never go through that again, it was terrible, I thought I was gonna die. And it didn't work.

Arthur Seaton: Brother here for long?
Jack: Fortnight. There's one thing about him though, you know, he'll always help me if I'm in any sort of trouble. If anyone does owt' against me, I can always rely on him. I was with him and his pal and we set on a bloke... never want to do 'owt like that again.
Arthur Seaton: Aye but people like that should be careful though, never to pick on the wrong bloke. I saw a fight like that once, this was with two soldiers an' all. They set on to a bloke and he wiped the floor with the both of them. It was horrible, blood all over the place, I had to turn me 'ead away.

Arthur Seaton: Mam called me barmy when I told her I fell of a gasometer for a bet. But I'm not barmy, I'm a fighting pit prop that wants a pint of beer, that's me. But if any knowing bastard says that's me I'll tell them I'm a dynamite dealer waiting to blow the factory to kingdom come. Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not because they don't know a bloody thing about me! God knows what I am.

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The factory scenes were filmed in the same factory that original author Alan Sillitoe worked in during the war when he was making shells and other artillery. At the time of filming, the factory was owned by the Raleigh bicycle company.
At the end of the film, Arthur and Doreen are sitting on a grassy bank overlooking a building site where an estate of new houses is being built. This was a film set built especially for the film in Wembley, London, by Nottingham builders Simms Sons & Cooke.
The drummer of the pub group in the drinking contest scene is played by author Alan Sillitoe's brother.
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Also directed by Karel Reisz

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Also produced by Tony Richardson

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Also released in 1960

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