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8 People Died On November 11

Fred Niblo


Frederick Liedtke
Born on Jan 06, 1874 in York, NE
Died on Nov 11, 1948 in New Orleans, LA
Fan Favorite Films: Camille, The Three Musketeers, The Mark of Zorro, Blood and Sand and Happy Though Marrie

Charles Chauvel


Charles Edward Chauvel
Born on Oct 07, 1897 in Warwick, Australia
Died on Nov 11, 1959 in Sydney, Australia
Fan Favorite Films:

Doane Harrison


Doane Harrison
Born on Sep 19, 1894 in Paw Paw, MI
Died on Nov 11, 1968 in Riverside, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Some Like It Hot, The Apartment, The Fortune Cookie, Irma la Douce and One, Two, Three

John 'Dusty' King


Miller McLeod Everson
Born on Jul 11, 1909 in Cincinnati, OH
Died on Nov 11, 1987 in San Diego, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Breaking the Ice, Three Smart Girls, Charlie Chan in Honolulu, Love Before Breakfast and Next Time We Love

William Alland


William Alland
Born on Mar 04, 1916 in Delmar, DE
Died on Nov 11, 1997 in Long Beach, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Lady from Shanghai, Macbeth, Citizen Kane, Tom, Dick and Harry and The Battle Over Citizen Kane

Keith Andes


John Charles Andes
Born on Jul 12, 1920 in Ocean City, NJ
Died on Nov 11, 2005 in Canyon Country, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Winged Victory, Split Second, The Farmer's Daughter, Clash by Night and The Girl Most Likely

Delbert Mann


Delbert Martin Mann Jr.
Born on Jan 30, 1920 in Lawrence, KS
Died on Nov 11, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Gathering of Eagles, Desire Under the Elms, Fitzwilly, That Touch of Mink and Lover Come Back

Robert Vaughn


Robert Francis Vaughn
Born on Nov 22, 1932 in New York City, NY
Died on Nov 11, 2016 in Ridgefield, CT
Fan Favorite Films: The Magnificent Seven, The Ten Commandments, Bullitt, The Caretakers and The Return of Draw Eg

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