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10 People Born On July 3

George M. Cohan


George Michael Cohan
Born on Jul 03, 1878 in Providence, RI
Died on Nov 05, 1942 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: The Phantom President,

Leon Errol


Leonce Errol Simms
Born on Jul 03, 1881 in Sydney, Australia
Died on Oct 12, 1951 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Invisible Man's Revenge, Alice in Wonderland, Higher and Higher, Moonlight in Hawaii and The Noose Hangs High

Doris Lloyd


Hessy Doris Lloyd
Born on Jul 03, 1896 in Liverpool, England
Died on May 21, 1968 in Santa Barbara, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Peter Ibbetson, A Feather in Her Hat, The Invisible Man's Revenge, The Woman in Red and Tarzan and His Mate

George Sanders


George Henry Sanders
Born on Jul 03, 1906 in St. Petersburg, Russia
Died on Apr 25, 1972 in Castelldefels, Spain
Fan Favorite Films: Lloyd's of London, A Scandal in Paris, Sundown, That Kind of Woman and The Moon and Sixpence

Lewis J. Rachmil


Lewis J. Rachmil
Born on Jul 03, 1908 in New York City, NY
Died on Feb 19, 1984 in Beverly Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Hawaii, Inspector Clouseau, Gidget, The Violent Men and Gun Fury

Don Haggerty


Don Haggerty
Born on Jul 03, 1914 in Poughkeepsie, NY
Died on Aug 19, 1988 in Cocoa, FL
Fan Favorite Films: The Desperate Hours, The Crooked Way, Jet Pilot, The Asphalt Jungle and Angels in the Outfiel

Louise Allbritton


Louise Allbritton
Born on Jul 03, 1920 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Died on Feb 16, 1979 in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
Fan Favorite Films: The Egg and I, Sitting Pretty, Tangier, Son of Dracula and Who Done It?

Susan Peters


Suzanne Carnahan
Born on Jul 03, 1921 in Spokane, WA
Died on Oct 23, 1952 in Visalia, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Santa Fe Trail, The Strawberry Blonde, Random Harvest, Meet John Doe and Andy Hardy's Double Life

Rae Allen


Raffaella Julia Theresa Abruzzo
Born on Jul 03, 1926 in Brooklyn, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Damn Yankees, The Hard Easy, Taking Off, Where's Poppa? and The Tiger Makes Out

Ken Russell


Born on Jul 03, 1927 in Southampton, Hampshire, England
Died on Nov 27, 2011 in Lymington, England
Fan Favorite Films: Billion Dollar Brain, Women in Love,

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