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13 People Born On December 7

Raymond McKee


Eldon Raymond McKee
Born on Dec 07, 1892 in Keokuk, IA
Died on Oct 03, 1984 in Long Beach, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Outwitting Dad, Three Women, The Servant Girl's Legacy, Down to the Sea in Ships and Rumb

Fay Bainter


Fay Okell Bainter
Born on Dec 07, 1893 in Los Angeles, CA
Died on Apr 16, 1968 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Presenting Lily Mars, The Shining Hour, Dark Waters, State Fair and Yes, My Darling Daughter

Jack Pennick


Ronald Jack Pennick
Born on Dec 07, 1895 in Portland, OR
Died on Aug 16, 1964 in Manhattan Beach, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Hell Divers, Navy Blue and Gold, You and Me, Wee Willie Winkie and My Darling Clementine

Philip Brandon


Philip Brandon
Born on Dec 07, 1898 in London, England
Died on Aug 25, 1982 in Port Charlotte, FL
Fan Favorite Films: The Fallen Idol,

Charles Goldner


Charles Goldner
Born on Dec 07, 1900 in Vienna, Austria
Died on Apr 15, 1955 in London, UK
Fan Favorite Films: The End of the Affair, The Master of Ballantrae, Flame and the Flesh, I'll Get You for This and The Rocking Horse Winner

Clarence Nash


Clarence Charles Nash
Born on Dec 07, 1904 in Watonga, OK
Died on Feb 20, 1985 in Glendale, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Three Caballeros, Moose Hunters, Mickey's Polo Team, Mickey's Circus and The Wise Little He

Phyllis Barry


Phyllis Barry
Born on Dec 07, 1908 in London, UK
Died on Jul 01, 1954 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: History Is Made at Night, Waterloo Bridge, Camille, Frenchman's Creek and Trade Winds

Louis Prima


Louis Prima
Born on Dec 07, 1910 in New Orleans, LA
Died on Aug 24, 1978 in New Orleans, LA
Fan Favorite Films: Rose of Washington Square, The Jungle Book, You Can't Have Everything, Rhythm on the Range and Manhattan Merry-Go-Rou

Rod Cameron


Nathan Roderick Cox
Born on Dec 07, 1910 in Calgary, Canada
Died on Dec 21, 1983 in Gainesville, GA
Fan Favorite Films: Mrs. Parkington, If I Had My Way, River Lady, Pirates of Monterey and Northwest Mounted Police

Eli Wallach


Eli Herschel Wallach
Born on Dec 07, 1915 in Brooklyn, NY
Died on Jun 24, 2014 in Manhattan, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Lord Jim, A Lovely Way to Die, Seven Thieves, The Magnificent Seven and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hurd Hatfield


William Rukard Hurd Hatfield
Born on Dec 07, 1917 in New York City, NY
Died on Dec 26, 1998 in Monkstown, Ireland
Fan Favorite Films: King of Kings, The Left Handed Gun, The Unsuspected, Mickey One and Joan of Arc

Frances Gifford


Mary Frances Gifford
Born on Dec 07, 1919 in Long Beach, CA
Died on Jan 15, 1994 in Pasadena, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Thrill of a Romance, Luxury Liner, Bringing up Baby, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Our Vines Have Tender Grapes

Johnny Duncan


John Bowman Duncan
Born on Dec 07, 1923 in Centre, KS
Fan Favorite Films: The Caine Mutiny, Action in the North Atlantic, Spartacus, With a Song in My Heart and The Pride of St. Louis

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