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Actor, Clarence Nash, was born Clarence Charles Nash on Dec 7, 1904 in Watonga, OK. Nash died at the age of 80 on Feb 20, 1985 in Glendale, CA .



On October 20, 1993, Nash received the Disney Legends Award for living up to the Disney principals of imagination, skill, discipline, craftsmanship and magic.

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Clarence Nash Quotes:

[Donald winds up on a giant chessboard and his sailor-suit attire has somehow changed to that of Alice from "Alice In Wonderland" and he meets up red king and queen chess pieces]
Red Queen Chess Piece: [about Donald] Good heavens! What's this?
Red King Chess Piece: Upon my soul, it appears to be a lost pawn!
Donald Duck: I'm no pawn, I'm Donald Duck!
Red Queen Chess Piece: He says he's Donald Duck.
Red King Chess Piece: Preposterous!
Red Queen Chess Piece: Or he could be an Alice.
Donald Duck: [angrily] Alice?
Red King Chess Piece: No, no, no, it's a lost pawn.
Red Queen Chess Piece: [prodding Donald] Lost pawn?
[Donald runs off]
Red Queen Chess Piece: Stop that pawn!
Donald Duck: Help! Mr. Spirit! Help, help, help!
[the chess pieces chase Donald off the chess board]

Spectator: [about Donald; calling out] The guy's yellow!
Huey, Dewey and Louie: [calling back] He is not!
Donald Duck: I am too. Let's go home.

Donald Duck: [to his nephews who have been throwing snowballs unfairly] That's unconstitutional!

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Clarence Nash Facts
He based the Donald Duck voice on a sound made by his pet goat Mary, who would make a "wa-ah-ah-ah" sound whenever she needed to be fed by bottle. In fact, it was a goat, not a duck, that he was playing on the radio when Disney heard him for the first time.

Voice of 'Donald Duck' for 50 years

4th cousin twice removed of Scott Trimble.

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