Clarence Nash

Clarence Nash

4th cousin twice removed of Scott Trimble.

Did the voice of Daisy Duck, Donald's girlfriend, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, his nephews, in a higher octave.

He also did the voice of Jiminy Cricket after Cliff Edwards died.

He based the Donald Duck voice on a sound made by his pet goat Mary, who would make a "wa-ah-ah-ah" sound whenever she needed to be fed by bottle. In fact, it was a goat, not a duck, that he was playing on the radio when Disney heard him for the first time.

He dubbed the voice of Donald Duck into French, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, German and Chinese. None of these languages could he understand - Nash had the words written out phonetically and gabbled them in 'Duckspeak'.

Profiled in "American Classic Screen Interviews" (Scarecrow Press). [2010]

Scuba divers coined the affect of helium gas on the human voice as "The Donald Duck Effect".

Voice of 'Donald Duck' for 50 years