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Actor, Vittorio de Sica, was born Vittorio De Sica on Jul 7, 1901 in Sora, Lazio, Italy. de Sica died at the age of 73 on Nov 13, 1974 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France and was laid to rest in Cimitero Monumentale del Verano Cemetery in Rome, Lazio, Italy.



Although de Sica was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1957Best Supporting ActorA Farewell to Arms (1957)Major Alessandro RinaldiNominated

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Vittorio de Sica Quotes:

Kiril Lakota: [the shadow of the cross is on the Pope's empty chair during this exchange of dialog] Leone, how does a man ever know if his actions are for himself or for God?
Cardinal Leone: You don't know. You have a duty to act. But you have no right to expect approval, or even a successful outcome.
Kiril Lakota: So, in the end, my friend, we are alone?
Cardinal Leone: Yes. I have seen three men sit in this room. You are the last I shall see. Each of them, in his turn, came to where you stand now, the moment of solitude. I have to tell you there is no remedy for it. You are here until the day you die. And the longer you live, the lonelier you will become. You will use this man and that for the work of the church. But when the work is done, or the man has proved unequal to it, you will let him go and find another. You want love. You need it, as I do. Even though I am old. You may have it for a little while, but you will lose it again. Like it or not, you are condemned to a solitary pilgrimage, from the day of your election until the day of your death. This is a Calvary, Holiness. And you have just begun to climb.

Mario Vitale: A man can be a pig and a lawyer at the same time.

Cardinal Rinaldi: [standing before the cardinals in the conclave] My brothers. My brothers, we have already failed seven times to reach an election. I stand now to claim a right under canon law. In all humility, I proclaim to you my belief that there is among us a man already marked by God to sit in the chair of St. Peter. Like the first of the apostles this man has suffered prison stripes for the faith. The hand of God has led him out of bondage to join us in this conclave. I announce him as my candidate and dedicate to him my vote and my obedience. Kiril Cardinal Lakota.
Kiril Lakota: [Stunned. Slowly rises] Thank you, Eminence. But I - I cannot consent to it.
Cardinal Rahamani: [after a moment, rises] I too proclaim him.
Asian Cardinal: [Rises] I also proclaim him.

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