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Actor, Stanley Holloway, was born Stanley Augustus Holloway on Oct 1, 1890 in Manor Park, London. Holloway died at the age of 91 on Jan 30, 1982 in Littlehampton, UK and was laid to rest in St Mary the Virgin Churchyard Cemetery in East Preston, West Sussex, England.



Although Holloway was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1964Best Supporting ActorMy Fair Lady (1964)Alfred P. DoolittleNominated

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Stanley Holloway Quotes:

Mr. Palmer: Oh, would you believe you!

Col. Gregory: Sir, I can't put up all of my men unless we get at least five more transports.
Rear Admiral Rock Torrey: Well, aren't there any more R4D's on Tulabonne?
Col. Gregory: Yes, but they're held in reserve.
Captain Paul Eddington: Reserve! What... for?
Col. Gregory: That's the way Admiral Broderick has things organized.
Captain Paul Eddington: What happens if an R4D conks out?
Col. Gregory: Tulabonne sends us a spare until we get it fixed.
Captain Paul Eddington: Five of 'em just conked out, Gregg.
Commander Egan Powell: Let's relay the sad news to Broderick!
Rear Admiral Rock Torrey: Mr. Canfil, you seem to have fallen in among thieves!
Clayton Canfil, Australian Coastwatcher: It does seem so, Admiral, I'm very happy to say!

Clayton Canfil, Australian Coastwatcher: There's a way to find out what the Japs are up to; but I'll have to do it myself. I used to run a plantation on Gavabutu; I know that island like the back of my hand. Have one of your subs put me ashore there and in two weeks, I'll be able to tell you just what our little yellow brothers are up to.
Rear Admiral Rock Torrey: All right, Mr. Canfil; but be careful, we can't afford to lose you.
Clayton Canfil, Australian Coastwatcher: [Grinning] I'm not planning on getting lost, Admiral.

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Stanley Holloway Facts
Was nominated for Broadway's 1957 Tony Award as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Musical) in "My Fair Lady" as Alfred P. Doolittle, a role he recreated in an Oscar-nominated performance in the film version, My Fair Lady (1964).

He was almost not asked to repeat his stage performance as Alfred Dolittle in My Fair Lady (1964) because producer Jack L. Warner thought that Holloway was too old at 73, and not a big enough star. However, after James Cagney turned the part down, Holloway was cast.

Grandfather of actress Sophie Dahl

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