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Character actor, Leslie Nielsen, was born Leslie William Nielsen on Feb 11, 1926 in Regina, Canada. Nielsen died at the age of 84 on Nov 28, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, FL .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures. In addition, Nielsen was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame .

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In Memory: (February 11, 1926 – November 28, 2010) .

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, (February 11, 1926 – November 28, 2010) was a Canadian–American actor and comedian. Nielsen performed in over one hundred films and 1,500 television programs. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Nielsen enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and worked as a disc jock... Read full article

In Memoriam: , 1926-2010

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God Speed

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New Discovery - Young

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Leslie Nielsen Quotes:

[to Altaira]
Commander John J. Adams: Alta, about a million years from now the human race will have crawled up to where the Krell stood in their great moment of triumph and tragedy. And your father's name will shine again like a beacon in the galaxy. It's true, it will remind us that we are, after all, not God.

Robby: Morbius. Morbius!
Dr. Edward Morbius: What?
Robby: Something is approaching from the southwest. It is now quite close.
[they run to the windows and look out, but see nothing]
Commander John J. Adams: Could Robby be wrong?
Dr. Edward Morbius: No. Never.
[an invisible force rips down the trees; Morbius closes the steel shutters over the windows]
Dr. Edward Morbius: I feel sorry for you, young man.
Commander John J. Adams: Feel sorry for your daughter, Morbius.
Altaira: It's listening.
[the monster pounds on the steel shielding, denting it]
Dr. Edward Morbius: Alta, go into my study.
Commander John J. Adams: You still refuse to face the truth.
Dr. Edward Morbius: What truth?
Commander John J. Adams: Morbius, that thing out there - it's you.
Dr. Edward Morbius: You're insane. How else would you have led it here, where Alta must see you torn to pieces?
Commander John J. Adams: You still think she's immune? She's joined herself to me, body and soul!
Altaira: Yes, and whatever comes, forever.
Dr. Edward Morbius: Say it's a lie. Shout, let it hear you out there! Tell it you don't love this man!
Altaira: Not even if I could.
[the steel shielding begins to break]
Dr. Edward Morbius: Stop it, Robby! Don't let it in! Kill it, Robby!
[Robby shorts out]
Commander John J. Adams: It's no use. He knows it's your other self.
[steel shielding breaks; they run]

Altaira: [swiming in a pool] Come on in.
Commander John J. Adams: I didn't bring my bathing suit.
Altaira: What's a bathing suit?
Commander John J. Adams: [quickly turning his back] Oh, murder!

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Leslie Nielsen Facts
Tested for the role of "Messala" in Ben-Hur (1959).

Lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

Was considered for the role of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).

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Canadian Hall of Fame

Also on the Canadian Walk of Fame

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