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Actor, Kenneth More, was born Kenneth Gilbert More on Sep 20, 1914 in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. More died at the age of 67 on Jul 12, 1982 in Fulham, London .



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Col. Archibald Gracie: [looks at rockets being fired by the Carpathia as he and Lightoller sit in the stern of a lifeboat] Will that be the Carpathia?
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: [silently nods in the affirmative]
Col. Archibald Gracie: Aren't you glad to see her?
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: Yes I'm glad. But then, *I'm* still *alive*.
Col. Archibald Gracie: If only she'd been nearer.
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: There are quite a lot of "ifs" about it; aren't there, Colonel?
[turns and shouts to another lifeboat they're towing]
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: Keep up, quartermaster. Keep that line slack.
[turns to address Colonel Gracie again]
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: If we'd been steaming a few knots slower, or if we'd sighted that berg a few seconds earlier, we might not even have struck. If we'd been carrying enough lifeboats for the size of the ship instead of just enough to meet the regulations, things would have been different again, wouldn't they?
Col. Archibald Gracie: Maybe. But *you* have nothing to reproach yourself with. You've done all any man could and more. You're not...
[stops himself]
Col. Archibald Gracie: I was about to say, you're not *God*, Mister Lightoller.
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: *No* seaman ever thinks he is! I've been at sea since I was a *boy*. I've been in sail. I've even been *shipwrecked* before. I *know* what the sea can *do*! But, *this* is different-!
Col. Archibald Gracie: Because we hit an iceberg?
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: No- Because we were so *sure*! Because even though it's *happened*, it's *still* unbelieveable! I don't think *I'll* ever feel *sure* again, about *anything*!

Group Capt. Baker: Section Officer Harvey!
Section Officer Maggie Harvey: Sir
[walks up to him and gives a salute, which he returns]
Group Capt. Baker: Section Officer Harvey, I've noticed that some of your girls are now using the men's trenches during air raid practice. It's got to stop.
Section Officer Maggie Harvey: Sir
Group Capt. Baker: And another thing... Gas mask cases
[tapping Maggie's case]
Group Capt. Baker: They're for gas masks, They're not handbags. I do realize, of course, that female requirement differ somewhat from the male. Nevertheless that's no excuse...
[stops in mid sentence as he hears German bombs exploding behind him. He and Harvey turn around and see bombers approaching]
Group Capt. Baker: God's teeth!
[at full volume]
Group Capt. Baker: Take cover!
[Baker and Harvey run into the same nearby trench]

Capt. Colin Maud: [pointing] The war's over there!

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Kenneth More Facts
Served throughout the Second World War in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR). He was "demobbed" in 1946 as a lieutenant having served on the light-cruiser HMS Aurora as a Watch Keeping Officer, and the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious as a Fighter Directions Officer.

In 1972 More took part in a protest at the House of Commons against the proposed introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) into the United Kingdom. Amongst the other actors and actresses taking part were Charles Vance and Evelyn Laye. Despite the protest VAT was introduced into the UK on 1 April 1973, as a direct consequence of entry into the European 'Common Market'.

More was granted one of showbusiness's highest accolades on 7th October 1975 when he was guest of honour at a special Variety Club of Great Britain luncheon. The event, held at the Savoy Hotel, in the company of most of Britain's top showbiz personalities was organised to celebrate his 40 years in the profession. Joining More and his wife Angela Douglas was Douglas Bader, the Royal Air Force fighter ace whom More portrayed in Reach for the Sky (1956).

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