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Actor, James Dunn, was born James Howard Dunn on Nov 2, 1901 in New York City, NY. Dunn died at the age of 65 on Sep 3, 1967 in Santa Monica, CA and was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea.



James Dunn was nominated for one Academy Award, winning for Best Supporting Actor for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (as Johnny Nolan) in 1945.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1945Best Supporting ActorA Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945)Johnny NolanWon

He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Motion Pictures and Television.

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James Dunn Quotes:

Larry Scott: Say, how 'bout going to the movies with us tonight?
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Oh, thanks, but we can't leave Shirley.
Larry Scott: They're showing 10,000 years in Sing-Sing at the Cameo.
Eddie Ellison: Gee, what a long stretch!
Jane Scott: They say it's awful funny.
Eddie Ellison: Not for my dough.
Larry Scott: Well, come on, Jane. We'll be late.
Eddie Ellison: Say, Larry, what's your hurry? If you miss three or four years, it don't make any difference.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Have a good time.
Larry Scott: Thanks. Sorry you won't come with us. So long.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison, Eddie Ellison, Jane Scott: Good-bye.
Eddie Ellison: Oh. Hey, Larry.
Larry Scott: Yeah?
Eddie Ellison: We've got to be on the job early in the morning. Stop by for me, and we'll dunk a couple of doughnuts.
Larry Scott: Right.
Eddie Ellison: And say, let me know what the guy did to get 10,000 years.

Eddie Ellison: [to Shirley] Baby, take a bow.

Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: We're not going back to the city, Eddie. I've got a big surprise.
Eddie Ellison: What is this, a practical joke?
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: It's no joke, but boy it's practical. We're going to Niagra Falls.
Eddie Ellison: You mean, right now? From here?
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: The train leaves in half an hour.
Eddie Ellison: Gee, you're swell and I'm the luckiest man in the world.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Luck had nothing to do with it. You couldn't get away from me if you tried.
Eddie Ellison: I tried to hide from you in prison and it was hopeless.

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James Dunn on the
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James Dunn Facts
Appeared on a postage stamp (with Anne Revere) commemorating winners of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Son of a stockbroker. Once sold used cars for a living in the 1920's.

Stepson named William Tick from marriage to Edna Rush.

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