Hal Holbrook Overview:

Character actor, Hal Holbrook, was born Harold Rowe Holbrook Jr. on Feb 17, 1925 in Cleveland, OH. As of December 2023, Hal Holbrook was 98 years old.


Hal Holbrook had one of the most attractive American speaking voices since Henry Fonda. He played a few, often gloomy leading roles in films, but was always more interesting in support roles, especially as 'Deep Throat' in "All the President's Men".  He was a prolific stage performer, particularly in one-man shows as Mark Twain, and a frequent TV guest star.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



Although Holbrook was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
2007Best Supporting ActorInto the Wild (2007)Ron FranzNominated

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Hal Holbrook Quotes:

Doug Salter: Do you know what the word "homosexual" means? Nick? C'mon, look at me. Keep the door open. Do you know what it means?
Nick Salter: I guess so.
Doug Salter: You probably heard about it in school or in the streets. Well, that's just one side: put downs and jokes. A lot of people - most people, I guess - think it's wrong. They say it's a sickness. They say it's something that has to be cured. I don't know. I do know it isn't easy. If I had a choice, it's not something I'd pick for myself. But it's the only way I can live. Gary and I have a kind of a marriage. We...
Nick Salter: I don't what to talk about it!
Doug Salter: DOUG SALTER: Nick, we love each other. Damn it, look at me. Does that change me so much? I'm still your father. Don't, don't cry. C'mon. I've lied to myself for a long time. Why should I lie to you? It's funny, I never talked about this with my own father. I should have. He knew. At least, I think he knew. But we could never sit down, even approach it. And he died. I know how you feel. You may not believe that, but I do. Nick, the hardest time I've ever had was accepting it myself. Can you at least try to understand? Please? Nick? I love you.

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Hal Holbrook Facts
In 2008, at age 82, he became the oldest male actor to be nominated for an Academy Award. His nomination displaced Ralph Richardson, who previously held that distinction.

Two children, Victoria Holbrook and David Holbrook, with Ruby Holbrook.

Fans consider his 1968 live stage performance of "I Never Sang for My Father" one of his best, seldom mentioned acts. Before the motion picture of the same name was released two years later, starring Gene Hackman.

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