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Legendary character actor, Eddie Bracken, was born Edward Vincent Bracken on Feb 7, 1915 in Astoria, NY. Bracken died at the age of 87 on Nov 14, 2002 in Montclair, NJ and was cremated and his ashes given to family or friend.


This stocky, wavy-haired American comic actor was usually cast as dynamic but dopey sub-Mickey Rooney types whose fast-talking backchat covered their own insecurity. But he did please wartime audiences and was funny in a couple of Preston Sturges' best films. His limited appeal soon faded in postwar years. When business ventures failed, he became a writer and occasional cameo performer. Later, he made film and theatrical comebacks, winning rave reviews for his portrayal of the Wizard of Oz in a 1992 stage musical.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Stars).



He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Radio and Television. Bracken was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Eddie Bracken Quotes:

Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith: [after hearing that the town wants to build a statue of him] What do I do now?
Sgt. Heppelfinger: Well, you just let it blow over.
Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith: Did you ever see a statue blow over?

Bert: I went out with a girl once that told me to go jump in the lake... When I got back, she was gone.

Libby: Do you remember when we used to come here in the cool of the evening?
Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith: Naturally.
Libby: I thought maybe you'd forgotten - so much can happen in a year.
Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith: So much can happen in a day!
Libby: I suppose so. Were you surprised when they nominated you for mayor?
Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith: Surprised is not the word for it.

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Eddie Bracken Facts
Last Broadway show was at age 77 in Dreamtime (directed by David Niles) at The Ed Sullivan Theater.

His wife of 63 years, Connie, a former actress, died in August of 2002, just three months before Eddie's passing. Connie was his leading lady in the Broadway production of "What a Life" in 1938.

Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith, pg. 58-59. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387

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