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Actor, Clive Brook, was born Clifford Hardman Brook on Jun 1, 1887 in London, UK. Brook died at the age of 87 on Nov 17, 1974 in London, UK and was laid to rest in St Pauls Churchyard Cemetery in London, England.



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Clive Brook Quotes:

[first lines]
Man Selling French Postcards: [scene: a Paris street cafe] Des cartes postales, m'sieur? Des cartes postales, sir?
[Man seated with lady shoos the vendor away]
Man Selling French Postcards: [approaching Gordon and Hector's table] Postal cards, m'sier? *Dirty* postcards?
Hector Stribling: [turning away, disgusted] Uh!
Gordon Evers: Charming.
[taking the cards]
Gordon Evers: Would you like to look at them, Hector?
Hector Stribling: Certainly not!
Gordon Evers: How much are they?
Man Selling French Postcards: Twenty francs.
Gordon Evers: There you are.
Man Selling French Postcards: Merci m'sieur. Merci.
[Gordon tears up the cards, bows to the vendor, and throws the pieces away]
Hector Stribling: Why... why on earth did you do that?
Gordon Evers: Who knows, it may save the soul of some American tourist.

Sherlock Holmes: Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary.

Capt. William Levison: The most pathertic figure in life: the man who chooses a career over the woman he loves.

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Clive Brook Fact
Father of actress Faith Brook and actor Lyndon Brook

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