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Actress, Barbara O'Neil, was born Barbara O'Neil on Jul 17, 1910 in St. Louis, MO. O'Neil died at the age of 70 on Sep 3, 1980 in Cos Cob, CT .



Although O'Neil was nominated for one Oscar, she never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1940Best Supporting ActressAll This, and Heaven Too (1940)Duchesse de PraslinNominated

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The Supporting Players of Gone With the Wind:

By Amanda Garrett on Nov 25, 2014 From Old Hollywood Films

as Ellen Robillard O'Hara American actress played many matriarchs in her 30 year career, but she is perhaps most famous for playing Scarlett O'Hara's mother in Gone With the Wind. O'Neil was born on July 17, 1910, in St. Louis. She always loved theater and after g... Read full article

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Barbara O'Neil Quotes:

Duchesse de Praslin: Mademoiselle Deluzy, just a moment.
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: But madame, I'm supposed to... monsieur's downstairs...
Duchesse de Praslin: Monsieur's downstairs, yes. I am here to make sure that you understand this time you've gone too far, mademoiselle. You are to leave this house into which you've brought evil and sin!
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: Yes, madame, there is evil in this house, but it was here before I came. Twas not I who brought it.
Duchesse de Praslin: What intrigue there is beneath that mask of innocence! It was not enough for you to be a governess! No, you had to conspire to become the mistress of my household! To steal from me everything that was mine, including the affections of my children!
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: Affections can not be stolen, madam, they are given freely or not at all. If you'd ever been a mother to your children, if you'd earned their love instead of driving them away nothing I could've done would ever make them turn away from you to...
Duchesse de Praslin: You've used them shamelessly to attract him! To separate him from me!
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: Is it possible you've finally deceived yourself into believing...
Duchesse de Praslin: Have you not one shred of decency? How dare he'd entice you to come here to confess that you and he... to admit openly without delicacy that you...
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: Why do you stop? I challenge you to accuse me of what you know is not true!
Duchesse de Praslin: I am not here to challenge you in a matter that is personable between myself and la monsieur duc! I am here to dismiss an unsatisfactory servant!

Duchesse de Praslin: Don't leave me, Theo!
Duc de Praslin: I'm late in Paris.
Duchesse de Praslin: But... I must talk to you! I never see you!
Duc de Praslin: The king expects me.
Duchesse de Praslin: [She grabs for his hands and he pulls it away] Does even the touch of my hands feel you with aversion?
Duc de Praslin: Oh really Frances...
Duchesse de Praslin: It must be aversion you feel since you always avoid me, never giving me a moment's thought or attention!
Duc de Praslin: I have no wish to avoid you Frances. I would talk to you by the hour if we could do so with calmness and sanity, but it always ends the same. -He begins walking out.
Duchesse de Praslin: Wait! Theo! Wait! Oh how cruel you are my darling! Take the children! Take them! I care nothing about them, about anyone but you! Theo! If I promise never again to torment you with my anger, with my unreasoning mistrust... Theo!
Duc de Praslin: You don't know what you're saying.
Duchesse de Praslin: Theo! Theo! Come back! Theo I beg you! Oh, Theo come back! -She sees he is already gone and becomes hysteric: I hate you! I loathe you! You're wicked! Wicked! Wicked!

Duc de Praslin: May I have Pierre come for your luggage?
Duchesse de Praslin: Theo, last night I poured my heart out to you in a letter. I crept to your doorway which I am foridden to enter and stooped in humility and pushed it under the seal!
Duc de Praslin: I received it, Frances.
Duchesse de Praslin: But look! You didn't even open it! Oh Theo, do you suppose this empty pretense is what I hoped for?Lastnight I begged for you to come to me! I hoped we might start this journey today united as we once were! Theo, Theo! Have you completely forgotten the life we once shared together?
Duc de Praslin: If you're unhappy Frances, I am truly sorry, but I swear I never intended you a minute's pain.
Duchesse de Praslin: Oh no! You only say that! In reality you delight in torturing me! As one day heaven willing, I will torture you!

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Barbara O'Neil Facts
Was only 28 when she appeared as Ellen O'Hara (mother of Scarlett) in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Reputedly a descendant of Irish kings, she was multi-lingual and widely travelled. A graduate from Sarah Lawrence college, she made her Broadway debut in 1933 in 'Carrie Nation'. Three years later, Barbara appeared in 'Ten Million Ghosts' with Orson Welles, prompting interest from Hollywood, where she made a career out of playing a succession of neurotic or sweetly dependable wives. Her best roles were in 'Stella Dallas' and 'All This and Heaven Too' (1940).

Striking, mature-looking brunette from Broadway in late 30s support film roles, playing neurotic, over-the-edge wives and socialites with flair.

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