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All This, and Heaven Too (1940) was a Black-and-white - Drama Film directed by Anatole Litvak and produced by Hal B. Wallis, Anatole Litvak and David Lewis.

Academy Awards 1940 --- Ceremony Number 13 (source: AMPAS)

Best Supporting ActressBarbara O'NeilNominated
Best CinematographyErnest HallerNominated
Best PictureWarner Bros.Nominated

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Good Heavens: All This, and Heaven Too (1940)

By Google profile on Jan 10, 2009 From Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog

About MeBlogger, Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog and more. Please add my Google profile to your circles. All This, and Heaven Too (1940) is a Warner Bros. period epic starring Bette Davis and Charles Boyer. It was directed by Anatole Litvak, whom Bette Davis was both rumored to have clashed w... Read full article

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Duc de Praslin: Why are you smiling? May I share whatever pleases you so?
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: You will think I am very silly I'm afraid, but standing here like this with the snow falling reminds of something I used to know. Do you remember a little round glass globe that...
Duc de Praslin: Oh yes, I know, with a snow scene inside. We had a paper weight on a desk at home like that. You shook it and the snow whirled around out from nowhere in a blinding storm.
Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
Duc de Praslin: And if you looked closely enough the whole world seemed to be obliberated and shut out.

Duchesse de Praslin: Don't leave me, Theo!
Duc de Praslin: I'm late in Paris.
Duchesse de Praslin: But... I must talk to you! I never see you!
Duc de Praslin: The king expects me.
Duchesse de Praslin: [She grabs for his hands and he pulls it away] Does even the touch of my hands feel you with aversion?
Duc de Praslin: Oh really Frances...
Duchesse de Praslin: It must be aversion you feel since you always avoid me, never giving me a moment's thought or attention!
Duc de Praslin: I have no wish to avoid you Frances. I would talk to you by the hour if we could do so with calmness and sanity, but it always ends the same. -He begins walking out.
Duchesse de Praslin: Wait! Theo! Wait! Oh how cruel you are my darling! Take the children! Take them! I care nothing about them, about anyone but you! Theo! If I promise never again to torment you with my anger, with my unreasoning mistrust... Theo!
Duc de Praslin: You don't know what you're saying.
Duchesse de Praslin: Theo! Theo! Come back! Theo I beg you! Oh, Theo come back! -She sees he is already gone and becomes hysteric: I hate you! I loathe you! You're wicked! Wicked! Wicked!

Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: In your unhappiness you reached out your hand for help and in my loneliness I took it.

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Francis, the Duchesse de Praslin, refers to her husband as Theo, the shortened version of Theobald, which was just one of three of his middle-names. His first name was Charles.
Boyer wore a girdle to streamline his waist and straighten his posture. In 1848 it was still common practice for males of Nobility (especially in France) to wear corsets and stays beneath their garments.
Based on the true story of the Duc de Choiseul-Praslin, a French politician who was accused of the brutal murder of his wife Fanny Sebastiani in 1848. Praslin committed suicide via poison while on house arrest, subsequently causing the murder trial to be annulled. To this day, the murder remains one of France's most famous "unsolved" murder cases.
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Best Picture Oscar 1940

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Also directed by Anatole Litvak

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Also produced by Hal B. Wallis

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