Matches in people

Johnny Carson Johnny Carson Born on Oct 23, 1925 in Corning (IA), died Jan 23, 2005 in Los Angeles (CA)

Jack Carson Jack Carson Born on Oct 27, 1910 in Carman (Canada), died Jan 2, 1963 in Encino (CA)

Johnny Mack Brown Johnny Mack Brown Born on Sep 1, 1904 in Dothan (AL), died Nov 14, 1974 in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles)

Johnny Sands Johnny Sands Born on Apr 29, 1928 in Lorenzo (TX), died Dec 30, 2003 in Ainaloa (HI)

Johnny Green Johnny Green Born on Oct 10, 1908 in New York City (NY), died May 15, 1989 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Johnny Arthur Johnny Arthur Born on May 20, 1883 in Scottdale (PA), died Dec 31, 1951 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Matches in movies

Kit Carson Kit Carson (1940)

Carson City Carson City (1952)

Fighting with Kit Carson Fighting with Kit Carson (1933)

The Carson City Kid The Carson City Kid (1940)

Trail of Kit Carson Trail of Kit Carson (1945)

Carson City Cyclone Carson City Cyclone (1943)