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American Born

American Born (1913)

Among Those Present

Among Those Present (1921)

The Angel of Contention

The Angel of Contention (1914)

Anna Ascends

Anna Ascends (1922)

Anna Boleyn

Anna Boleyn (1920)

Anna Christie

Anna Christie (1923)

Annie Laurie

Annie Laurie (1927)


Annie-for-Spite (1917)

Another Job for the Undertaker

Another Job for the Undertaker (1901)

Anybody Here Seen Kelly?

Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (1928)

Anything Once

Anything Once (1917)


Appearances (1921)

The Arab

The Arab (1915)

Arabian Love

Arabian Love (1922)

Are Crooks Dishonest?

Are Crooks Dishonest? (1918)

Are Parents People?

Are Parents People? (1925)

The Artist's Dilemma

The Artist's Dilemma (1901)

The Aryan

The Aryan (1915)

As It Happened

As It Happened (1915)

Ask Father

Ask Father (1919)

At Coney Island

At Coney Island (1912)

At the Altar

At the Altar (1909)

At the Old Stage Door

At the Old Stage Door (1919)


Atlantis (1913)

The Auction Block

The Auction Block (1926)