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Hurricane in Galveston

Hurricane in Galveston (1913)

Red Hicks Defies the World

Red Hicks Defies the World (1913)

A Modest Hero

A Modest Hero (1913)

A Noise from the Deep

A Noise from the Deep (1913)

The Riot

The Riot (1913)

Safe in Jail

Safe in Jail (1913)

Murphy's I.O.U.

Murphy's I.O.U. (1913)

The Foreman of the Jury

The Foreman of the Jury (1913)

The Waiters' Picnic

The Waiters' Picnic (1913)

Peeping Pete

Peeping Pete (1913)

A Bandit

A Bandit (1913)

The Telltale Light

The Telltale Light (1913)

Mabel's New Hero

Mabel's New Hero (1913)

Mabel's Dramatic Career

Mabel's Dramatic Career (1913)

The Gypsy Queen

The Gypsy Queen (1913)

The Faithful Taxicab

The Faithful Taxicab (1913)

When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come True (1913)

A Quiet Little Wedding

A Quiet Little Wedding (1913)

Some Nerve

Some Nerve (1913)

His Chum the Baron

His Chum the Baron (1913)

That Ragtime Band

That Ragtime Band (1913)

Cohen Saves the Flag

Cohen Saves the Flag (1913)

Help! Help! Hydrophobia!

Help! Help! Hydrophobia! (1913)

Passions, He Had Three

Passions, He Had Three (1913)