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Wake Me When It's Over (1960) was a Comedy Film directed by Mervyn LeRoy and produced by Mervyn LeRoy.

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Hap Cosgrove: Welcome to Shima.
Gus Brubaker: Oh, thank you.
Hap Cosgrove: How d'ya like it?
Gus Brubaker: Well, I'm not too sure yet.
Hap Cosgrove: I'll save ya the trouble. You heard of hell? Well, when it first got started it was a new idea, so they hadda test it out. This here island is the place they picked.

Lt. Nora McKay: Marriage is out.
Capt. Charlie Stark: What's so out about it?
Lt. Nora McKay: You're a sky tramp.
Capt. Charlie Stark: No, but that's all over! I'm gonna stick in this Air Force.
Lt. Nora McKay: Well, "stick" is the right word! Why do you think you're still a captain?
Capt. Charlie Stark: I guess I just can't get any generals to die.
Lt. Nora McKay: Oh, it's because you're irresponsible and they know it. Like that time in Washington - they want officers, not jockeys!
Capt. Charlie Stark: Great. Once in my life I buzz a little building. How'd I know it was the Supreme Court?
Lt. Nora McKay: Well, if you had any sense, you'd stop buzzing around in airplanes. You'd take a desk job.
Capt. Charlie Stark: I don't think I could learn to fly a desk.

[repeated line]
Capt. Charlie Stark: [asking for a can of beer] Hit me!

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Also directed by Mervyn LeRoy

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Also produced by Mervyn LeRoy

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Also released in 1960

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