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Tribute to a Bad Man (1956) was a Western Film directed by Robert Wise and produced by Sam Zimbalist.

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Tribute to a Bad Man ( 1956 )

By The Metzinger Sisters on Jul 25, 2019 From Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers

"I was a boy when I entered Mr. Rodock's valley but when I left I wasn't a boy anymore. I had picked up a few pointers about how men died quickly and how they kept from dying quickly; how to be cruel and how not to be cruel; and what love isn't, and what it is." Steve Miller ( Don Dubbins ), a Penn... Read full article

Tribute to a Bad Man

By RBuccicone on Jun 25, 2012 From MacGuffin Movies

Tribute to a Bad Man (1956) ???? James Cagney would never be my first pick to?act in a western. The star who made his name playing gangsters and later returned to his native song-and-dance genre did not exude “cowboy”, at least not at this point in his career. In Tribute to a Bad Man, Ca... Read full article

Tribute to a Bad Man (1956)

By Judy on Sep 7, 2009 From Movie Classics

This is my second ? last-minute! ? contribution to the Robert Wise blog-athon, being hosted at the Octopus Cinema website. I?ve just re-watched this Western starring my favourite actor, James Cagney, which is the tale of a tough, driven owner of a horse ranch in Wyoming, and wanted to write down a f... Read full article

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Jocasta Constantine: [Offering to loan Steve ten dollars] I'd lend you more, if you would use the money to go back home.
Steve Miller: Go home? Why?
Jocasta Constantine: Steve, we've only talked a few times since you came here. But I know this about you. You are gentle. You haven't been used, and made hard. This is not your kind of life. Look at the men in the bunkhouse: Baldy, and Fat Jones, and Abe. Never a chance for a family, or a home. In ten years, you're gonna' be like them - a "nobody" on a horse. That's what a wrangler is: a "nobody" on a horse. With bad teeth, broken bones, double hernia, and lice!

Jocasta Constantine: [to Mr. Rodock] I understand now why you never married or ever wanted to marry. To marry you have to invest your heart in someone. How can you invest if you don't trust?

Jeremy Rodock: [Explaining to Jocasta why he felt the hanging was necessary] I tell ya' Jo, it's the only way. It's FEAR that keeps men honest. And with that hangin' today, I laid fear like a fence ten feet high, around my property!

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Spencer Tracy was cast as Jeremy Roderick, but was replaced by James Cagney as Mr. Tracy complained, and refused, to work because of the altitude of working in the Rockies.
Robert Francis was originally cast in the role of Steve Miller but he died in a plane crash two weeks before he was set to begin filming on location in Colorado. He was replaced by Don Dubbins.
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Also directed by Robert Wise

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Also produced by Sam Zimbalist

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Also released in 1956

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