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The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Roger Corman and produced by Roger Corman.

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Bartender: [nervously] If you don't like the beer, mister, you don't have to pay for it.
Peter Gusenberg: Well now, ain't you the cat's pajamas!

Interrogator: [to Frank Gusenberg after the shooting] I've got to tell you Frank, you're not going to make it. Want me to call a preacher?

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At the beginning of the movie when Peter Gusenberg (George Segal) asks the barkeep where he's getting his beer from, the barkeep answers, "A fellow named Slausen", to which Gusenberg replies, "Slausen? The only Slausen I know works for Caponi, Al Caponi." Believe it or not, Gusenberg's pronunciation of Al Capone's name is in fact a source of debate amongst historians. Though he's known as "Capone" with an "E", early arrest sheets and Chicago Tribune articles listed Capone's name as "Caponi" with an "I". However, the Chicago Tribune was known at the time for their blatant spelling errors (like "clew" for "clue") and may be responsible for this misconception of Capone's name.
The movie's mostly historical accuracy also includes some of the real words spoken by those involved in the massacre. Frank Guesenberg's dying answer to the police officer's inquiry really was, "Nobody shot me. Leave me alone". George Moran really did exclaim to a reporter, "Only Al Capone kills like that." Capone responded to the press: "Only Moran kills like that. I mean, they don't call that guy 'Bugs' for nothing!"
When "Bugs" Moran is leaving his hotel, just before the massacre, the clerk stops him and says "You have a call from a Mr. Bernstein in Detroit". "Bernstein" was the last name of the four brothers - Abe, Joe, Ray and Izzy - who ran Detroit's murderous "Purple Gang". The real George Moran and Al Capone used the Bernsteins to hijack other gangsters' liquor shipments from Canada. This fact is evident later when Moran complains to his bodyguards about Bernstein jacking up the price.
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