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The Seven Year Itch (1955) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Billy Wilder and produced by Billy Wilder and Charles K. Feldman.


One of Monroe's funniest, finest performances came in Wilder's classic comedy. Happily married Manhattanite Ewell reverts to bachelor fantasies when his wife (Keyes) and child leave for a summer vacation. His dreams come true when he meets his new neighbor, Monroe. While in the film Ewell remains torn between his fantasies and guilt, the play upon which the film was based reached the same happy ending though Ewell succeeds in bedding his neighbor, something Hollywood would have never allowed in the '50s. The origin of perhaps the decade's most lasting icon: Monroe radiating her smile while that famous white summer dress billows above a subway grating.

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The Girl: Your imagination! You think every girl's a dope. You think a girl goes to a party and there's some guy in a fancy striped vest strutting around giving you that I'm-so-handsome-you-can't-resist-me look. From this she's supposed to fall flat on her face. Well, she doesn't fall on her face. But there's another guy in the room, over in the corner. Maybe he's nervous and shy and perspiring a little. First, you look past him. But then you sense that he's gentle and kind and worried. That he'll be tender with you, nice and sweet. That's what's really exciting.

Helen Sherman: [in Richard's fantasy] Lately you've begun to imagine in Cinemascope... with stereophonic sound.

Dr. Brubaker: At fifty dollars an hour, all my cases are interesting.

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Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress set a record when it was auctioned for $4.6 million in June 2011 (rising to $5.5 million after taxes and fees were included), quintupling the previous record for a movie costume ($923,000 for Audrey Hepburn's "little black dress" from Breakfast at Tiffany's).
The original Broadway production of "The Seven Year Itch" by George Axelrod opened at the Fulton Theater on November 20, 1952 and ran for 1141 performances. Tom Ewell reprises his role in the movie. The play's author collaborated on the screenplay for the movie version.
Marilyn Monroe's constant tardiness and behavioral problems made the budget of the film swell to $1.8 million, a high price for the time. The film still managed to make a nice profit.
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