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The North Star (1943) was a Drama - Musical Film directed by Lewis Milestone and produced by Samuel Goldwyn and William Cameron Menzies.

Academy Awards 1943 --- Ceremony Number 16 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Perry Ferguson; Interior Decoration: Howard BristolNominated
Best CinematographyJames Wong HoweNominated
Best Music - ScoringAaron CoplandNominated
Best WritingLillian HellmanNominated

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The North Star (1943)

By Beatrice on Oct 13, 2014 From Flickers in Time

The North Star?(AKA Armored Attack) Directed by Lewis Milestone Written by Lillian Hellman 1943/USA The Samuel Goldwyn Company First viewing/Amazon Prime Instant Video If you can set aside?any knowledge of Ukrainian or Soviet history, this odd mixture of folk musical and Nazi-resistance drama is ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Clavdia Kurina, doctor's granddaughter: Oh Grandpa, Anna, somebody help me, make me do something right - the way everybody else does. Keep me from being so frightened. Keep me from crying. Please!

Sophia Pavlova, Rodion's wife: A long time ago, this is the way I wore my hair.
Olga Pavlova, Marina's little sister: Were you pretty, Mama, when you were young?
Sophia Pavlova, Rodion's wife: I'm not so old, little one.
Marina Pavlova: Mama's pretty now and she's not old. It's only that your are so young.
Olga Pavlova, Marina's little sister: I'm not so young! There are plenty that are younger.
Rodion Pavlov, leader of mounted guerrillas: Yes, and there always will be.

[last lines]
[the villagers flee their burning town, torched as part of the Russians scorched earth defense]
Marina Pavlova: Gone.
Sophia Pavlova, Rodion's wife: There'll be another some day.
Marina Pavlova: Yes. It will be different for us. Wars don't leave people as they were. All people will learn this and come to see that wars do not have to be. We'll make this the last war. We'll make a free world for all men. The earth belongs to us, the people, if we fight for it. And we will fight for it!

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Facts about

Film debut of Farley Granger.
This is one of the films deemed "subversive" by the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) in October, 1947, at the height of the McCarthy "Red Scare" era. The committee decided that, even though Russia was our ally against Nazi Germany in World War II - when this film was made - the movie's sympathetic portrayal of Russian peasants and guerrillas who were fighting off Nazi forces was an "endorsement" of Communism.
"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on January 3, 1944 with Walter Huston, Anne Baxter, Jane Withers and Farley Granger reprising their film roles.
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Best Writing Oscar 1943

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