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The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968) was a Comedy Film directed by William Friedkin and produced by Norman Lear and George Justin.

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Raymond Paine: Ha, ha, ha, ha, you've met a girl. Ah, Chick, my boy, when it comes to girls you have three qualities that are far worse than being short and funny-looking. You have the curse of the three D's: you are decent, devoted and dependable. Good qualities in a dog, disastrous in a man. Women like bastards.
Chick Williams: No wonder they *love* you.
Raymond Paine: Yes, I'm a BFC - Bastard First Class.

Jacob Schpitendavel: Louis Minsky, if you do not now go at once to prevent thy son from bringing my daughter to such ignominy, I shall, as Agnon
Jacob Schpitendavel: did, raise the finger of righteousness
[raises index finger]
Jacob Schpitendavel: to call down the wrath of heaven.
Vance Fowler: My father, an Episcopal vestryman, used this
[raises pinkie finger]
Vance Fowler: as the finger of righteousness.
Louis Minsky: Bah! And again, Bah! There is no finger of righteousness. This
[raises pinkie and turns it in his ear]
Louis Minsky: is the finger of cleanliness. This
[raises ring finger]
Louis Minsky: is the finger of marital bliss
[points to wedding band]
Louis Minsky: . This
[raises index]
Louis Minsky: is the finger of vengeance. This
[levels middle finger toward Fowler, palm downward]
Louis Minsky: is the finger of meddling in other people's lives
[pokes Fowler in chest with middle finger]
Louis Minsky: . And this
[sticks out thumb]
Louis Minsky: is the finger of transportation. It will get us a taxi to the theater. You speak with the fist of authority, gentlemen, but you do not know your fingers.

Jacob Schpitendavel: Louis Minsky, are thee father to the Minsky what has the theater?
Louis Minsky: Yes.
Jacob Schpitendavel: If I were thee, I would thrash thy son to within an inch of his life.
Louis Minsky: You are not me, and you may still do it.

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Facts about

Bert Lahr's part was intended to be larger, but the actor died during filming.
Burlesque legend Joey Faye was stand-in for the incomplete scenes of Bert Lahr, who passed away during filming.
Tony Curtis was offered the role of Raymond Paine but declined due to disagreements over the script and was replaced at a month's notice by Jason Robards. The role of Billy Minsky was offered to a young Alan Alda but he was unavailable due to his commitment to "The Apple Tree" on Broadway.
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Also directed by William Friedkin

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Also produced by Norman Lear

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Also released in 1968

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