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The Moon Is Blue (1953) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Otto Preminger and produced by Otto Preminger.

Academy Awards 1953 --- Ceremony Number 26 (source: AMPAS)

Best ActressMaggie McNamaraNominated
Best Film EditingOtto LudwigNominated
Best Music - SongMusic by Herschel Burke Gilbert; Lyrics by Sylvia FineNominated

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The Moon is Blue (1953)

By Kristen on Jun 11, 2012 From Journeys in Classic Film

I mentioned reviewing The Moon is Blue when I did my first ever blogathon (The Gone Too Soon Blogathon) and discussed star Maggie McNamara. ?It was recently on TCM (and I had NO idea TCM actually sold DVD copies of this…gotta buy one) and figured now’s as good a time as any to review it ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Donald Gresham: Why are you so preoccupied with sex?
Patty O'Neill: Who, me?
Donald Gresham: Yes, you.
Patty O'Neill: You really think I am?
Donald Gresham: Well, you are always asking if people plan seduction or they're bored with virgins or they have a mistress... Now, if that isn't being preoccupied with sex, I'd like to know what is.
Patty O'Neill: You may be right.
[pauses momentarily]
Patty O'Neill: But don't you think it's better for a girl to be preoccupied with sex than occupied?

Donald Gresham: [In the taxi, on the way to his apartment] You won't mind coming up, will you?
Patty O'Neill: I am not so sure. Will you try to seduce me?
Donald Gresham: I, I don't know. Probably. why?
Patty O'Neill: Why? A girl wants to know.
Donald Gresham: A girl is supposed to be intuitive about those things. You don't go around bluntly asking questions like that.
Patty O'Neill: I do. I always do.
Donald Gresham: And what happens if they say yes, they are going to try to seduce you.
Patty O'Neill: I generally believe them. And then I am out one dinner.
Donald Gresham: And if they say their intentions are honorable?
Patty O'Neill: I generally believe that. But you get fooled some times. I hate men like that. I mean, after all, they are lots of girls who don't mind being seduced. Why pick on those who do?
Donald Gresham: OK, I won't make a single pass at you. Do you believe me?
Patty O'Neill: Yes. Yes, I do. You're nice. I like you.
Donald Gresham: I could be lying.
Patty O'Neill: That's true. Are you?
Donald Gresham: I don't know. I've never run up against anybody like you before.
Patty O'Neill: How nice!
Donald Gresham: But I won't take an oath that I am not going to kiss you.
Patty O'Neill: Oh, that's alright. Kissing's fine. I have no objection to that.

Donald Gresham: [taking her to his apartment for the first time] Now, you're sure you don't mind coming in?
Patty O'Neill: Quite sure.
Donald Gresham: No qualms?
Patty O'Neill: Not a qualm in the world. And I am not reflecting on your virility either.
Donald Gresham: Let's leave my virility out of this!

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Facts about

First post-Hayes mainstream Hollywood film to use the word "virgin," after a battle with the official and unofficial censors. Also the first use of "seduce" and "mistress" (as a sexual partner). The movie was banned from theaters in Boston for using these words.
This movie was used as a part of a plot line in the "The Moon is Not Blue" episode of "M*A*S*H." The plot line focuses on Hawkeye Pierce and B.J. Hunnicut trying to obtain a copy of the movie for the 4077th after hearing it has been banned in Boston.
Character actress Florence Bates and celebrity restaurateur Michael Romanoff, neither of whom are cast in film proper, are prominently featured as audience members in the elaborate trailer that appears as an extra on some home video versions of this movie.
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