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The Leopard Man (1943) was a Drama - Horror Film directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton.

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Revisiting the shades of fear in ‘The Leopard Man’

By Toni Ruberto on Aug 12, 2023 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

We?ve all been there. There’s a noise behind us. A rustling of bushes. Or a movement in a dark street corner. Is someone there? We casually walk a little faster while telling ourselves it?s just our imagination ? or is it? Yes, we?ve all been there (admit it, guys) and that?s wh... Read full article

The Leopard Man (1943): A Work of Sound and Shadow

By 4 Star Film Fan on Oct 23, 2019 From 4 Star Films

It’s fitting that a pair of castanets act as our entry point into the latest entry from Val Lewton’s RKO unit. Not only do they instantly grab our attention, but they foreshadow the auditory nature of the film and, in the cultural context, provide a little shorthand for where our setting... Read full article

New on DVD: The Leopard Man

By Amanda Garrett on Oct 22, 2016 From Old Hollywood Films

Today, I'm reviewing the Val Lewton-Jacques Tourneur horror film, The Leopard Man (1943), about a bizarre serial killer who is stalking the New Mexico desert. Here's what you need to know about The Leopard Man (1943), which was just released on DVD by the good folks at Warner Archive. The D... Read full article

The Leopard Man (1943)

on Oct 31, 2014 From Journeys in Classic Film

Val Lewton was well-known for taking ludicrous titles and crafting a narrative from there. In the case of Cat People or I Walked With a Zombie, the acting and storyline mined those titles for psychological significance. But you can’t expect lightening to hit every time, and thus you get films ... Read full article

The Leopard Man features "one of the greatest horror sequences ever filmed"

By Rick29 on Oct 29, 2014 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

The accolade in the title of this review comes from director William Friedkin, who knows a little about creating horror (The Exorcist) and suspense (the chase scene in The French Connection). Of course, I didn't need Mr. Friedkin to tell me what I already knew. I saw The Leopard Man as a kid and tha... Read full article

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Jerry Manning: I thought you'd might like to strut the kitten right in the middle of her act.

Charlie How-Come: You don't get the idea, mister. These cops banging those pans, flashing those lights, they're gonna scare that poor cat of mine. Cats are funny, mister. They don't want to hurt you, but if you scare them they go crazy. These cops, they don't know what they're doing.

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Facts about

The black leopard was named Dynamite. It was the same cat that Val Lewton used for Cat People.
In the Summer of 1952, RKO reissued this film as a double feature with King Kong. RKO "cashed in", as young theatergoers, due to this film's title, were expecting to see a second "creature" film.
There are several unidentified musical pieces used during the film including an unusual birthday song sung acapella to Consuela,
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Also directed by Jacques Tourneur

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Also released in 1943

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