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The Keys of the Kingdom (1944) was a Drama - Black-and-white Film directed by John M. Stahl and produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Academy Awards 1945 --- Ceremony Number 18 (source: AMPAS)

Best ActorGregory PeckNominated
Best Art DirectionArt Direction: James Basevi, William Darling; Interior Decoration: Thomas Little, Frank E. HughesNominated
Best CinematographyArthur MillerNominated
Best Music - ScoringAlfred NewmanNominated

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By Stephen Reginald on Sep 19, 2023 From Classic Movie Man

Gregory Peck discovers “The Keys of the Kingdom” The Keys of the Kingdom (1944) is an American film based on the novel of the same name by A. J. Cronin. The film was directed by John M. Stahl and produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The film stars Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Rose St... Read full article

The Keys of the Kingdom ( 1944 )

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Film studios always preferred a good novel adaptation over an original story idea. This was primarily because the producers knew they had an established audience who were waiting in anticipation for the release of the film. When a best-selling book became a box-office hit at the movie theatres, then... Read full article

A Life Through A Lens: The Keys of the Kingdom

By Rachel T on Jun 15, 2013 From Sunset Blvd

Pious. In today’s vernacular, the term has come to describe those with a platitudinous zeal for religion, usually with more than a twinge of a negative connotation. The word “pious” itself however stems from the Latin “pius”, which can be roughly translated as devoted. ... Read full article

The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)

By Lindsey on Apr 9, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

As mentioned in my 10 Deal Breakers post, I’m usually very put off by religious films, and as a result had reservations about this film when I decided to check it out from the library. But since it’s a four-time Oscar nominee starring two of my favorite men, Gregory Peck and Vincent Pric... Read full article

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Quotes from

[first lines]
Title card: On a September evening in 1938, Father Francis Chisholm returned to his little church near Tweedside, Scotland.
Father Francis Chisholm: Good afternoon, Monsignor.
Monsignor: Good afternoon, Father.

[last lines]
Father Francis Chisholm: Well, man, don't stand there with half the morning gone - get the rods!
[Andrew fetches the fishing poles]
Father Francis Chisholm: Come along, boy. Wasn't it just fine of God to make all the rivers and fill them all with little fishes and then send you and me here to catch them, Andrew? Hm?

Joseph: [irritated by Msgr. Mealey's racist remarks] Father, may I say something sinful?
Father Francis Chisholm: Of course not.
Joseph: You will hear it in confession anyway, because I'm thinking it.

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Facts about

"Academy Award Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on August 21, 1946 with Gregory Peck reprising his film role.
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Best Actor Oscar 1945

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Also directed by John M. Stahl

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Also produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

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