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The Hurricane (1937) was a Action - Drama Film directed by John Ford and Stuart Heisler and produced by Samuel Goldwyn and Merritt Hulburd.


A Ford tropical fantasy and a wonderful adventure story set on an idyllic island, where a young couple (Lamour and Hall) and their clash with the local governor (Massey) are made insignificant by the impending natural disaster of the title. Newman wrote the lush film score, and the special effects are still pretty impressive. Remade in 1979.

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Academy Awards 1937 --- Ceremony Number 10 (source: AMPAS)

Best Supporting ActorThomas MitchellNominated
Best Music - ScoringSamuel Goldwyn Studio Music Department, Alfred Newman, head of department (Score by Alfred Newman)Nominated

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Quotes from

Terangi: [from the tree, Terangi sees two columns collapse on the west wall of the church] The church! It's going!
Terangi: [after fighting the pounding seas to get inside the church] Father Paul, come! The sea is breaking in, the walls are going, Look!
[points to the altar, where the wind starts tearing up the corrugated iron roof]
Father Paul: Take those who want to go. I am staying here!
Terangi: You will drown, Father Paul! You saved me. Take my arm and let me save you!
Father Paul: No, my son, Take Madame.
Madame Germaine De Laage: No! I'll stay with you Father Paul
Father Paul: Take her! Take her back safe to the world that will drown you, Terangi.
[storm shatters the gothic window on the west wall, more water and wind blow into the church]
Father Paul: Please Madame, Go. Terangi, Take her
Terangi: Yes, Father.
Father Paul: Those of you who wish to go, go now! Those who wish to sing with me, for the last time, stay.

Dr. Kersaint: You know, I play a kind of chess game with the oldest gambler in the world, Mehevi. He takes Mama Rua, and I checkmate him with a baby.
Dr. Kersaint: I'll think I'll have another drop of cognac just to keep the wind out of my bones on the way home.

Abusive Drunk: [to terangi's friends] "Get up! Get up I said!
[2 people flee the table, Terangi does not move]
Abusive Drunk: [to Terangi] "Clear out! Get up when a white man tells ya!
[he hits Terangi, Terangi hits him back, braking his jaw]

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Facts about

The native village set was on 2½ acres of United Artists' back lot.
Charles Locher officially changed his name professionally to Jon Hall with this picture in order to capitalize on his real life relationship to "The Hurricane"'s co-author, James Norman Hall.
According to Life Magazine, special effects wizard James Basevi was given a budget of $400,000 to create his effects. He spent $150,000 to build a native village with a lagoon 200 yards long, and then spent $250,000 destroying it.
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