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The Full Treatment (1960) was a Mystery - Drama Film directed by Val Guest and produced by Victor Lyndon and Val Guest.

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Connie: [Screaming] Ahhhhhhh!
Harry Stonehouse: [Annoyed] Now what?
Connie: A spider!
David Prade: Oh, it's quite harmless... unless you're a male spider. This is a female.
Connie: You sure have good eyesight!
David Prade: No, the male is always small, and, in case you're interested, he gets eaten by the female after he has performed his necessary function.
Baroness de la Vailion: [In French] Ooo lala!
David Prade: Ah, you know, women tend to do the same thing.
Baroness de la Vailion: I must say I have never tried it.
David Prade: [laughs] I mean mentally and psychologically.
Denise Colby: You've obviously talked to a lot of spiders.
David Prade: No, but I've talked to men, and, like spiders, many of them enjoy being eaten psychologically.
Harry Stonehouse: [Alan seems to react negatively to this last remark] You can take me off the list.
David Prade: Oh, some fight against it. It's a mechanism of this sort, a bid to stave off being eaten by women which operates in certain individuals.
[Alan again appears to take Prade's remark personally]
Denise Colby: Is that why you're a bachelor?
[Everybody laughs]

Denise Colby: [to Alan] Tesoro, I've lied for you but never to you.

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At 120 minutes, "The Full Treatment" was Hammer's longest film to date.
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Also directed by Val Guest

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Also produced by Victor Lyndon

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Also released in 1960

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