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The Facts of Life (1960) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Melvin Frank and produced by Norman Panama.

Academy Awards 1960 --- Ceremony Number 33 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Joseph McMillan Johnson, Kenneth A. Reid; Set Decoration: Ross DowdNominated
Best CinematographyCharles B. Lang, Jr.Nominated
Best Costume DesignEdith Head, Edward StevensonWon
Best Music - SongMusic and Lyrics by Johnny MercerNominated
Best WritingNorman Panama, Melvin FrankNominated

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Favourite movies: The Facts of Life (1960)

By Caftan Woman on Oct 24, 2008 From Caftan Woman

Lucille Ball and Bob Hope star in "Brief Encounter with Laughs". Directed by Melvin Frank and written by Frank with Norman Panama, The Facts of Life is an adult love story that will surprise you. Frank & Panama are Bob Hope experts, multiple Oscar nominees and the creators of such classic comedi... Read full article

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Quotes from

Kitty Weaver: Can't sleep.
Larry Gilbert: Me either.
Kitty Weaver: I'm starved.
Larry Gilbert: Me too.
Kitty Weaver: What's your opinion of eating late at night?
Larry Gilbert: Suicide.
Kitty Weaver: Ever do it?
Larry Gilbert: Only late at night.

Kitty Weaver: Am I really doing this? Me, Kitty Weaver? Secretary to the PTA? Den mother to the Cub Scouts? Am I really going to San Francisco to spend the weekend... with the husband of my best friend?

Larry Gilbert: [Kitty yawns during Larry's routine] Madam, your Vodka gimlets are showing. Vodka, that's an alcohol rub from the inside.

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Facts about

Hope and Ball unsuccessfully tried to talk Desi Arnaz into making a guest appearance in the film.
A UPI news item dated July 3, 1960 reports that while preparing to film a scene on a boat, Lucille Ball fell, struck her head and was knocked unconscious. She was taken to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for a possible concussion and severe face and leg bruises. Her ex-husband Desi Arnaz rushed to the hospital from his ranch at Corona to be with her. Fortunately, preliminary x-rays of the head, neck and spine showed that the beloved star was not seriously hurt.
The Facts of Life was indeed a problematic picture. The injury to Lucy was not the films only mishap. Don DeFore injured his back requiring hospitalization, director Melvin Frank broke his ankle playing golf and had to hobble around on crutches, the film's publicist came down with a two week case of the mumps, Bob Hope smashed his finger, and even the delivery man from Lucy's pharmacy fell into the same tank that the star had. To top things off, a few days after Lucy referred to her Desilu soundstage as a "firetrap," it partially burned down.
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Best Costume Design Oscar 1960

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