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The Enforcer (1951) was a Drama - Crime Film directed by Raoul Walsh and Bretaigne Windust and produced by Milton Sperling.

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YouTube Noir — Noirvember Day 14: The Enforcer (1951)

By shadowsandsatin on Nov 14, 2020 From Shadows and Satin

I never hear people talk about The Enforcer (1951). I?m going to remedy that today. First off, let?s talk about the film?s cast. It stars Humphrey Bogart, which is a premium selling point all by itself. But it also boasts a boatload of other veterans from the noir era: Ted de Corsia, Everett Sloane,... Read full article

The Enforcer (1976, James Fargo)

on May 2, 2020 From The Stop Button

The Enforcer is cheap in all the wrong ways, both in terms of budget and narrative, which probably ought to be clear in the first scene, when the movie opens on a butt shot of Jocelyn Jones in Daisy Dukes. She?s hitchhiking but it?s all a setup for the villain reveal?Jones is in an ostensible milita... Read full article

The Enforcer (1951)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Nov 2, 2018 From 4 Star Films

Not that this should deter you completely but The Enforcer isn’t a particularly?unique?crime film?by any stretch of the imagination. Still, we have Humphrey Bogart headlining?the police procedural not unlike a Call Northside 777 (1948), The Naked City (1948), or Panic in the Streets (1950). He... Read full article

The Enforcer (1951)

By Beatrice on Jun 30, 2013 From Flickers in Time

The Enforcer Directed by Bretaigne Windust (credited) and Raoul Walsh (uncredited) 1951/USA Warner Brothers presents A United States Picture First viewing This is a “B” movie with an “A” star – Humphrey Bogart. Bogart plays District Attorney Martin Ferguson. ?Fergus... Read full article

The Enforcer – 1951

By Bogart Fan on May 13, 2013 From The Bogie Film Blog

My Review —A Decent Thriller— Your Bogie?Fix: ?out of 5 Bogies! Director: ?Although Bretaigne Windust is credited, Raoul Walsh was brought in after only a few days of filming when Windust was taken to the hospital, seriously ill.? Windust would not return in time to finish the picture. ... Read full article

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Quotes from

[Rico is convinced that Mendoza has escaped from prison, so Ferguson takes him down to Mendoza's cell]
Joseph Rico: [after looking in] He's smiling at me...
[looks in again]
Joseph Rico: Mendoza! Call them off! I'm not going into court! I swear I won't! Tell 'em! I'm not squealing! Please, tell 'em I'm not...
D.A. Martin Ferguson: Rico! You're gonna talk! Do you hear me? You're gonna talk! You're not blowing up this case! It took four years to put him in that cell and when he walks out he's going to the chair. So you gonna talk, it's the only chance you got to live!
Joseph Rico: I'm afraid. He'll never die.
D.A. Martin Ferguson: He'll die! He's got to die! And you're gonna kill him!
Joseph Rico: I can't! Nobody can! He ain't human.

Joseph Rico: [to Babe Lazich] A blimp like you ain't got a girlfriend, have you?
Babe Lazich: I've got a wife.
Joseph Rico: Well, if anything happens to you, we take care of her. If you get into a jam, we get you a lawyer. If you get in jail, you're on the payroll all the time you're in.

[Big Babe Lazich has just been invited to join Rico's gang. While he is waiting, he notices that Rico is always on the phone]
Babe Lazich: Who calls him on the phone?
Philadelphia Tom Zaca: If you're a good swimmer, you can ask the guy who found out. He's at the bottom of the river.
[He grins]

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Facts about

Everett Sloane, who plays the kingpin of the underworld in this movie, provided the voice of do-gooder Dick Tracy in the 1961 cartoon shorts based loosely on the Chester Gould comic strip.
After several days of filming, director Bretaigne Windust fell seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Humphrey Bogart asked his old friend, director Raoul Walsh, to come in and shoot the picture until Windust recovered. Unfortunately, Windust was more seriously ill than most realized, and his recovery took several months, during which Walsh finished the film. However, Walsh refused to take screen credit for it, saying that the picture was Windust's big break and he wasn't going to take it away from him.
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