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The Count of Monte Cristo (1934) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Rowland V. Lee and produced by Edward Small.


A classic swashbuckler based on the 1844 novel by Dumas. It tells the story of Edmond Dantes, a sailor who was unjustly imprisoned but escapes to look for the culprits who framed him. Donat's performance put him in the running for Captain Blood and The Adventures of Robin Hood, which he lost to the then-unknown Errol Flynn.

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Quotes from

Edmond Dantes: [to Mondego upon realizing that he has been betrayed] Oh, I see! Danglas told you about Elba and the letter because he wanted to be captain! And you told the magistrate because... because of Mercedes! You appeared here as my friends!

Albert de Mondego: [to Dantes and Mercedes who are up in the branches of a tree] Can we come up?
Edmond Dantes: Find your own tree.

Edmond Dantes: Please believe I've put my task above the mean level of personal vengeance. I am exposing criminals, not for their sins against myself but for their black injustices to others... not only for what they have done but for what they continue to do. They are the ones devoid of all humanity, the ones that profitted by the sufferings of others.
Mercedes de Rosas: Whom will it profit if you kill my son?
Edmond Dantes: Surely you don't think this duel part of my design!
Mercedes de Rosas: What else am I to think, knowing how skillfully you have destroyed the others?
[Monte Cristo turns away; she follows him]
Mercedes de Rosas: Let me tell you about Albert. He worships you. Never in his life has he felt such a strong affection for anyone but me. He never understood his father; there was no bond of sympathy between them. Why? Because that was a part of my design. I reared him in the image of the man I loved. He is the son Edmond Dantes would have had. I had hoped that he'd be claimed by Monte Cristo.
Edmond Dantes: [pause, then] I claimed him long ago, Mercedes.

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Facts about

Robert Donat made his only trip to Hollywood during the production of this film. Due mainly to his poor health, he was unable to travel to Hollywood again to film any of his other roles.
The ending is changed from Dumas's original novel to make it more upbeat. In the novel, Edmond does not marry Mercedes, because she feels too much has passed between them. Instead, he marries Princess Haydee, who has fallen in love with him. In the 1934 film (and in some other film versions), there is not even a hint of romantic interest between Edmond and Haydee.
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Also directed by Rowland V. Lee

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