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The Big Street (1942) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Irving Reis and produced by Damon Runyon.


Runyon's Times Square world of con men and hustlers populate the background in this tragi-comic romance, produced by Runyon himself. Unusual roles for Fonda and Ball as an innocent busboy named Little Pinks and Gloria, a glamorous nightclub singer. Hard-as-nails and dollar-wise, Gloria spurns the smitten busboy, but when an accident confines her to a wheelchair, Gloria is forced to turn to Little Pinks for help.

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Quotes from

Gloria Lyons: Love is something that gets you one room, two chins and 3 kids.

[about Gloria]
Agustus 'Little Pinks' Pinkerton, II: She's in bad shape, Doc. Can you do something?
Florida Doctor: I wish I could.
Agustus 'Little Pinks' Pinkerton, II: Why can't you?
Florida Doctor: Did you ever hear of a thing called paranoia? No, I guess you didn't. Well, it's what happens to people when they get to believe they're something they're not.
Nicely Nicely Johnson: Now you're cooking with gas.
Violette Shumberg: Shut up, Nicely.
Nicely Nicely Johnson: Don't tell me to shut up.
Violette Shumberg: I'll tell you to shut up anytime I feel like it, and I feel like it now.
Agustus 'Little Pinks' Pinkerton, II: Please go on, Doc.
Florida Doctor: They can go on for a long time and be okay, except when the illusion is shattered. Then they kind of wither up and... phht. Unless it's restored.
Agustus 'Little Pinks' Pinkerton, II: But if it is...
Florida Doctor: I'm afraid what that young lady wants, she'll never get.
Agustus 'Little Pinks' Pinkerton, II: But we can't just stand around and let her die!
[the doctor walks away sadly]
Violette Shumberg: He ain't a very good doctor, Pinks. Why, last months he treated Nicely for a cold, and it turned out to be chicken pox.
Nicely Nicely Johnson: You don't have to be telling everybody I had chicken pox at my age.
Violette Shumberg: If you had chicken pox, you had them. And you had them.

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Facts about

Some cast members in studio records/casting call lists did not appear or were not identifiable in the movie. These were (with their character names): Elliott Sullivan (Tramp), Al Hill (Tramp) and Donald Kirke (Surgeon).
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