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That Uncertain Feeling (1941) was a Comedy - Black-and-white Film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and produced by Ernst Lubitsch and Sol Lesser.

Academy Awards 1941 --- Ceremony Number 14 (source: AMPAS)

Best Music - ScoringWerner HeymannNominated

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Jones: Miss Aikens, we want a woman's point of view on a certain situation. Now, Mr. Baker has a friend and he's in trouble...
Sally Aikens: Oh, Mr. Baker!
Jones: [Shushing Larry] Now, Mr. Baker has nothing whatever to do with it. Let's call the friend Mr. Brown. Now, Mr. Brown has a wife... Mr. & Mrs. Brown have been married for, uh, how long?
Larry Baker: Well, say six years. They live in Toledo.
Sally Aikens: Six years in Toledo. That's bad.
Jones: All right then, let's say New York. Now Mr. Brown is worried about his marriage. Things are not going along as well as they used to.
Sally Aikens: What kind of a man IS this Mr. Brown?
Larry Baker: Very nice...
Sally Aikens: Is he attractive?
Jones: Very attractive.
[to Larry]
Jones: Don't you think so?
Larry Baker: Yes.
Sally Aikens: And yet she's complaining.
Larry Baker: Well, she's drifting away from him.
Jones: Yes, and he wants to get things back on the old basis.
Sally Aikens: Who doesn't?
Jones: Yes.
[clears throat]
Jones: Now, Miss Aikens, as a woman, I'm asking you, what is the right approach?
Sally Aikens: Well, I should say a mink coat would do the trick.
Larry Baker: She has a mink coat.
Sally Aikens: Then what's she complaining about?
[the men are exasperated, and Jones dismisses Miss Aikens from the conversation]
Larry Baker: Just a moment. Now look here. Mrs. Brown is interested in another man.
Sally Aikens: Oh... If there aren't any witnesses she's going to deny it... But I'm afraid I'm not the right person to give you any advice. I probably have too much sympathy for Mr. Brown, and not enough patience with Mrs. Brown. We get cases li

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There are few close-ups of Merle Oberon in this film - she was recovering from her second bout of cosmetic poisoning, which had left pits and sores in her face and could not be covered with makeup.
A loose remake of the director Ernst Lubitsch's own 1925 silent film tt0015979.
Ernst Lubitsch and Sol Lesser had formed a partnership, Ernst Lubitsch Productions, Inc., but it was dissolved when this movie did poorly at the box office.
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