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Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943) was a Adventure - Crime Film directed by Roy William Neill and produced by Howard Benedict.

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Dr. Franz Tobel: You would take the Nazis' own car?
Sherlock Holmes: One must adapt oneself to the tools at hand.

Professor Moriarty: [as Moriarty drains Holmes's blood] Drop by drop, Holmes. Drop by drop. Eh, in a way I'm almost sorry. You were a stimulating influence to me. But it was obvious that I should win in the end... Closer to the end Holmes. Closer and closer. Each second a few more drops leave your desiccated body. And you can feel them can't you? You're perfectly conscious, aren't you, Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: I shall be conscious long after you're dead, Moriarty.

Professor Moriarty: Brilliant man, Sherlock Holmes, too bad he was honest.

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Facts about

A modern source lists Philip Van Zandt as Kurt and includes Henry Daniell in the cast as well. However, the role of Kurt is played by Harry Woods and neither Van Zandt nor Daniell appear in the film at all. The unidentified actor mistaken for Daniell plays a Scotland Yard detective slowly driving the police vehicle following the trail of paint, toward the climax of the film. First seen in 3/4 profile leaning out the car window, he does seem to resemble Daniell. However, when he speaks the accompanying line "they fade out again sir" to Dennis Hoey (Insp. Lestrade), and subsequent lines, he clearly has a rather heavy *Brooklyn* accent, and seen in other shots during the scene does not in any way resemble Daniell, and the momentary appearance to the contrary is clearly an optical illusion.
One of several titles in the Sherlock Holmes series whose original copyrights were apparently not renewed and have thereby fallen into public domain; as a result, seriously inferior copies are presently being offered by a number of VHS and DVD dealers who do not have access to original studio masters.
The lines that Holmes quotes at the end of the film are a condensed version of William Shakespeare's lines from Richard II. Richard II, 2.1, 40-51
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