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School for Scoundrels (1960) was a Comedy - Black-and-white Film directed by Robert Hamer and Cyril Frankel and produced by Hal E. Chester.

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School for Scoundrels (1960)

By Beatrice on Feb 20, 2017 From Flickers in Time

School for Scoundrels Directed by Robert Hamer Written by Patricia Moyes and Hal E. Chester from novels by Stephen Potter 1960/UK Associated British Picture Corporation/Guardsman Films First viewing/Amazon Instant Britain’s top comic actors are gathered for a tale of one-upsmanship and delicio... Read full article

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[last line. Mr S. Potter to the camera]
Mr. S. Potter: I do apologize ladies and gentlemen, events do seem to have taken a most unfortunate turn. This sort of calamity we cannot always guard against, even amongst our best students. You see once, once sincerity rears its ugly head, well lifemanship is powerless...
[an orchestra starts to play]
Mr. S. Potter: stop that music... orchestra!... orchestra... stop that infernal din. Please, no, I... look at me, I must get back to Yeovil.

Raymond Delauney: [translating the French menu in the Camelia Room restaurant for Palfrey] The brains of the calf, the liver of the chicken, the legs of the frog... the hoof of the mountain goat in jelly. Tomatoes...

Mr. Potter: Just remember, if you're not one up on the other fellow, then he's one up on you.

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A first screenplay was written by Peter Ustinov, who was also the first choice for Dennis Price's role as Dunstan Dorcester.
The used car salesmen Dunstan and Dudley (Dennis Price and Peter Jones) were based on characters from the BBC radio comedy series "In All Directions" broadcast during the 1950s. The radio characters were known as Morry and Dud and were played by Peter Ustinov and Peter Jones who also wrote the scripts together with scriptwriters Frank Muir and Denis Norden. Their catch phrase "run for it!" was reprised in the film.
Much of it was shot by Cyril Frankel, as original director Robert Hamer, who was an alcoholic, kept showing up for work drunk.
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