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Satan (1920) was a Drama - Silent Films Film directed by F.W. Murnau and produced by Robert Wiene.

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By Dan Day, Jr. on Jun 25, 2023 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

Last Friday night I attended a White Sox-Red Sox game in Chicago. The White Sox lost (what did you expect?), but I got home in time to view an episode of THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR on MeTV. What made this particular episode special is that it guest starred Christopher Lee, and I had never seen it bef... Read full article

AN ANGEL FOR SATAN On Blu-ray From Severin

By Dan Day, Jr. on Nov 6, 2021 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

AN ANGEL FOR SATAN (1966) is the last true Italian Gothic film that the iconic Barbara Steele starred in. The movie finally gets a proper official Blu-ray release courtesy of Severin Films. Sometime in the 19th Century, a young artist named Roberto (Anthony Steffen) travels to an Italian villa in or... Read full article

Classic Films in Focus: MADAM SATAN (1930)

By Jennifer Garlen on Jul 20, 2020 From Virtual Virago

Cecil B. DeMille's 1930 musical extravaganza is hard to classify in terms of genre and even harder to describe in terms of sheer spectacular weirdness, but Madam Satan is one of those Pre-Code pictures you really need to see for yourself in order to appreciate the extent to which it revels in a "mor... Read full article

Doctor Who (2005) s02e09 – The Satan Pit

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 29, 2020 From The Stop Button

So, the title sort of gives away the big reveal. The Satan Pit refers to the giant hole in the middle of the planet, where they?ve already dug twelve miles down and sent David Tennant and Claire Rushbrook to investigate. She wants to go in the existing pit, as opposed to the tunnel they dug. Tennant... Read full article

Hail Satan? (2019, Penny Lane)

By Andrew Wickliffe on May 11, 2019 From The Stop Button

Hail Satan? starts with a joke and ends with Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves having to wear a kevlar vest to a rally because so many Pro-Life, Born Again Christians are making legitimate assassination threats. The opening joke is one of the first Satanic Temple rallies, when they?re goofi... Read full article

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Blizzard: [to Barbara] Some excellent judges think that I resemble Satan.

Blizzard: You have worked in the dark long enough - this is the plan I have been developing for two years.
Blizzard: At twelve noon on that day I shall loot the City of San Francisco.
Blizzard: Your ten thousand foreign malcontents will filter into the city in small detachments.
Blizzard: The signal will be an explosion.
Blizzard: By fire and riots I shall draw the police and military into the suburbs.
Blizzard: The heart of the city will be left defenseless - ours to loot at will.
Blizzard: And then we shall vanish with our treasure.

Blizzard: Fate chained me to evil, for that I must pay the Penalty. - That is a great puzzle. Perhaps I am going to see it solved.

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Facts about

Lon Chaney had both of his lower legs tied back and had to walk on his kneecaps for his role as an amputee. It was so painful he could only have his legs tied back for a few minutes at a time, and his leg muscles sustained permanent damage.
Lichtenstein can clearly be seen mouthing the word "Damn!"
A shot of Lon Chaney walking down stairs was put onto the end to prove the audience that he was not an amputee. It was removed from the 1926 release and the film footage is now lost.
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Also directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

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Also released in 1920

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