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Night Nurse (1931) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by William A. Wellman .

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Flawed Gents of Pre-Code: The Fellas of Night Nurse (1931)

By shadowsandsatin on Feb 15, 2017 From Shadows and Satin

Two of our flawed gents in a fight to the finish! (And I do mean finish!) In my ongoing look at the less-than-stellar fellas who populate the world of pre-Code, I?m shining the spotlight today on Warner?s 1931 film Night Nurse. This film stars the always-fabulous Barbara Stanwyck as the title caregi... Read full article

Triunfos de Mulher / Night Nurse (1931)

By L? on Jan 20, 2016 From Critica Retro

Triunfos de Mulher / Night Nurse (1931) ESTE ARTIGO CONT?M SPOILERS. Antes de ER, Grey's Anatomy Private Practice, House e tantas outras s?ries mostrarem a vida pessoal dos profissionais de sa?de, o grande diretor William A. Wellman, em tempos de pre-Code, desfez parte da aura de caridad... Read full article

The Great Villain Blogathon: Clark Gable in Night Nurse (1931)

By shadowsandsatin on Apr 26, 2014 From Shadows and Satin

This ain’t no Rhett Butler. Some random observations: 1. A last name is not an essential requirement to be a villain. 2. Neither is a moustache. Case in point ? Nick the chauffeur, played by a moustache-less Clark Gable in Night Nurse (1931). But more about Nick in a moment. This pre-Code gem ... Read full article

Classic Films in Focus: NIGHT NURSE (1931)

By Jennifer Garlen on Sep 12, 2012 From Virtual Virago

As part of the Turner Classic Movies collection, Forbidden Hollywood Volume 2, Night Nurse (1931) represents the kinds of pictures made before the infamous Hays Code took effect and began to censor what movies could and could not show to the American viewing public. Prurient interests aside, Night N... Read full article

Night Nurse (1931) (2)

By Kristen on Jul 19, 2012 From Journeys in Classic Film

I was lucky to find the complete second volume of the Forbidden Hollywood collection so the next few reviews will be from that collection. ?Let’s start with the first film I watched, 1931′s Night Nurse. ?There’s several bloggers I know who aren’t fans of pre-Code films since ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Lora Hart: Who are you?
Nick, the Chauffeur: I'm Nick... the chauffeur.

Mrs. Ritchey: I'm a dipsomaniac, and I'm proud of it, you mean.

Lora Hart: I'll call the Doctor.
Nick, the Chauffeur: Listen, you'll do what I tell you.
Lora Hart: What are you trying to do? What he did?
Nick, the Chauffeur: No, but you're not gonna call a Doctor. You're a nurse, you give her the works yourself.
Lora Hart: I can't, except under Doctor's orders.
Nick, the Chauffeur: Oh, yes you can, and what's more, you will.
[squeezes her wrist tightly]
Lora Hart: I can't very well with a broken wrist.
[picks up the phone]
Lora Hart: Operator, operator, get me a Doctor quick!
Nick, the Chauffeur: Hang up, or I'll break your neck.
Lora Hart: What right have you to?
Nick, the Chauffeur: Plenty.
Mrs. Ritchey: Oh, be quiet!
Nick, the Chauffeur: Ah, shut up!
Nick, the Chauffeur: Oh, don't be sore, Nicky, Kiss me.
Nick, the Chauffeur: [to Lora] Get busy.
Lora Hart: I tell you I can't without the proper authority.
Nick, the Chauffeur: I give you the authority.

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Facts about

James Cagney was originally supposed to play Nick, but when The Public Enemy became a big hit, it was decided that he should no longer be relegated to supporting roles, allowing the relatively unknown Clark Gable to step in instead.
Ben Lyon and wife Bebe Daniels leased William Wellman and his wife a house that they occupied during the course of shooting.
In an earlier draft of the script, intern Eagan planted the skeleton in a baby carriage, not Lora's bed. The startled Laura dropped the baby she was holding, with tragic results. Eagan admitted to his guilt and was fired from the hospital. However, the sequence was changed to the one which is now appears in the film.
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