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Lonely are the Brave (1962) was a Western - Drama Film directed by David Miller and produced by Edward Lewis.

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Lonely Are The Brave (1962): The Last Cowboy

By 4 Star Film Fan on Aug 27, 2020 From 4 Star Films

Armed with black and white and rolling plains full of instantly recognizable western exteriors, Lonely Are The Brave goes for an intimate approach. The camera focuses on a man splayed out with his hat tipped over his eyes in slumber. This could have been out of many earlier pictures up until this mo... Read full article

Kirk Douglas's Lonely Are the Brave

By Rick29 on Mar 23, 2020 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

Of all the films he made, Kirk Douglas listed Lonely Are the Brave (1962) as his favorite. Yet, this unusual contemporary Western was not a box office hit and rarely gets mentioned among his best movies. It has its admirers, though, to include Steven Spielberg and Kirk's son Michael. It's easy to s... Read full article

Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

By Beatrice on Jul 19, 2017 From Flickers in Time

Lonely Are the Brave Directed by David Miller Written by Dalton Trumbo from a novel by Edward Abbey 1962/USA Joel Productions First viewing/Netflix rental Jack Burns: What do you mean? Paul Bondi: You act like a man who thinks he’s going to break out of jail. Jack Burns (Kirk Douglas) is a ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Truckstop hitchhiker: Hey, you're not going to Ciffeyville, Kansas, are you?
Hinton: No, I'm haulin' privies to Duke City, New Mexico.
Truckstop hitchhiker: You're haulin' what?
Hinton: Privies!
[Pointing to a depiction of toilet bowls on the side of his semi]
Hinton: A hundred and fifty-six privies. High-tailin' down the road at 70 miles an hour. How do like that? What kind of emergency do you suppose they got in Duke City, New Mexico?

Jerry Bondi: I was expecting you, Jack. Isn't that odd? I heard a horse and I knew it was your horse.

Sheriff Morey Johnson: [sees light flashing on police radio] Red light's flashing, Harry. You got any time for the machine?
Harry: Machine? Right.
[into radio]
Harry: Roger, Highway Patrol. CS-1 out.
Sheriff Morey Johnson: What was that signal, Harry?
Harry: Signal? Oh, just the State Highway Patrol. Just a routine check.
Sheriff Morey Johnson: Locate McNeil wherever he is and send him out for chewing gum.
Harry: McNeil? Right!
Sheriff Morey Johnson: When I tell you to watch that machine of yours, you say, "Machine? Right." When I give you a message for McNeil, you say, "McNeil? Right." There's something about the way you make a question of it and then say "right" that gets on my nerves.
Harry: Nerves?
Sheriff Morey Johnson: [sighs] Right.

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Facts about

When preparing a compilation of film clips for Kirk Douglas' life achievement award by the Shoah Foundation, Steven Spielberg couldn't locate footage from this film and asked Universal for a clip. Spielberg recommended to the studio that the film be green-lighted for preservation, which it was.
Twentieth Century Fox composer Alfred Newman had admired Jerry Goldsmith's work on the TV series Thriller and recommended that the young composer be hired. It proved the first major credit in what would become a long and productive career as a film composer.
Kirk Douglas intended to call the film "The Last Cowboy" but was overruled by the studio.
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