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Lolita (1962) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Stanley Kubrick and produced by James B. Harris and Eliot Hyman.


The novel that remains an unquenchable controversy as adapted for the screen by its author, Nabokov. While the novel, though once banned, is accepted in most quarters as a masterpiece, this film version by Kubrick is hotly debated. A professor (Mason) who takes rooms in a widow's home conceives a distracting obsession with her teenage daughter, eventually marrying the grasping mother (Winters) in order to remain close to Lolita (Lyon). The triangle results in murder and humiliation. Lyon seems a bit too knowing as the object of obsession, and Sellers's Quilty seems to have dropped in on his way to Mars, but the overall effect is as absorbing and repellent as a slow-motion car crash. The 1998 remake by Adrian Lyne starring Jeremy Irons renewed the controversy with an even closer reading of the novel and its resultant inability to find a U.S. release until the Showtime cable network stepped forward.

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Academy Awards 1962 --- Ceremony Number 35 (source: AMPAS)

Best WritingVladimir NabokovNominated

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Quotes from

Charlotte Haze: [to Humbert] Oh, you MAN!

Charlotte Haze: There's a nice view from this window... of the front lawn.

Clare Quilty: Listen, didn't you... didn't you have a daughter? Didn't you have a daughter with a lovely name? Yeah! A lovely... What was it now? A lovely, lyrical, lilting name, like, uh... uh...
Charlotte Haze: Lo-li-ta!
Clare Quilty: Lolita, that's right, Lolita. Diminutive of Dolores, "The Tears and the Roses."
Charlotte Haze: Wednesday she's going to have a cavity filled by your Uncle Ivor.
Clare Quilty: Yes. Hahahahaha... Yes.

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Facts about

This was the first film that Stanley Kubrick produced independently in England.
According to Elstree Studios records, Lolita was filmed from Nov 1960 to Feb 1961. The studio charged £34,000 for the sound stage rentals. Sadly, the sound stages used for the film were demolished to make way for a Tesco store.
Marlon Brando and David Niven were considered for the part of Humbert.
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