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Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Billy Wilder and produced by Billy Wilder.


Dino doesn't stretch much as a nightclub singer stuck in small-town Nevada. A failed local songwriter (Walston) wants to sell some tunes but keep the lecherous singer's hands off his beautiful wife (Novak), so he convinces a local bimbo to pose as his spouse. Wilder's love of twitting bluenoses reached its apex with this sex comedy that was condemned by churches and critics alike.

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Netflix Instant Pick #7 – Kiss Me, Stupid

By Lindsey on Apr 7, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) is a very fun comedy, almost as lovable as its star, Dean Martin. Martin portrays an exaggerated version of himself: a womanizing singer named Dino (no surprise there) who gets stuck in a small town with car trouble. A local songwriting duo plots to try to get him to pick up o... Read full article

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Polly the Pistol: Get out of here, I've got a job to do.

Dino: Did you hear a story about the girl and the lobster?
Orville J. Spooner: No, how's it go?
Dino: Well, this girl was sittin' in a movie house and this guy sat down next to her, and they were sittin' in the dark, and they were watchin' the picture, see? And suddenly she felt somethin' crawling up her leg and
[pinches Polly]
Dino: pinched her!
Polly the Pistol: [jumping] Ouch!
Orville J. Spooner: Go on!
Dino: Then she felt something crawling again and
[pinches Polly]
Dino: pinched her again! She said, "What is the idea, you pinching me?" And he said, "Well, it wasn't me...
Dino: it was my lobster!"
Orville J. Spooner: [laughing] His lobster?
Dino: He explained it. He said, "A friend of mine gave me a live lobster and I said, 'Gee, that's wonderful, I think I'll take it home for dinner!' He said, 'No, it already had dinner...
Dino: why don't you take it to a movie?'"

Mack Gray: [congratulating Dino for his act] Great, Dino, you were great. They were rolling in the aisles.
Dino: Why didn't somebody take the dice away?

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Facts about

The role of Zelda was originally written for Marilyn Monroe.
Kiss Me Stupid's theatrical release date and leading actor coincide with a fact of John Wayne's western movie, True Grit. True Grit was theatrically released on Wednesday, June 11th, 1969. One decade later, John Wayne lost his life, on Monday, June 11th, 1979.Kiss Me, Stupid's theatrical release date, Friday, December 25th, 1969, was 26 years before Dean Martin lost his life, on Wednesday, December 25th, 1995.
During a costume fitting on St. Patrick's Day, Kim Novak made people laugh by wearing an emerald in her navel instead of a rhinestone.
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