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Goliath II (1960) was a Short Films Film directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and produced by Walt Disney.

Academy Awards 1960 --- Ceremony Number 33 (source: AMPAS)

Best Animated Short FilmWalt Disney, ProducerNominated

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Goliath II (1960, Wolfgang Reitherman)

on Apr 24, 2012 From The Stop Button

Instead of padding Goliath II out to an exhausting fifteen minutes, director Reitherman and writer Bill Peet should have concentrated on making it a good seven minute cartoon. Worse, there are animation problems every few frames in Goliath, like whoever photographed the cells didn’t know how t... Read full article

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Goliath II's Mother: [seeing that Eloise is about to walk on Goliath II without notice] ELOISE!
[Eloise stops as Goliath II plays with a butterfly]
Goliath II's Mother: Why don't you watch where you're going, you - you clumsy ox!
Eloise: [furiously] Now, don't you 'clumsy ox' me! I can't watch out for your precious little brat; that's your worry. If you think I'm going to pussyfoot around the rest of my life just because...
Goliath II's Mother: [seeing that Goliath II is about to be eaten up by a crocodile] Goliath! GOLIATH!
[Goliath's mother snatches him by the tail saving him as the crocodile chomps into nothing]
Goliath II's Mother: [worried] Oh, Goliath, what on earth will I ever do?

Goliath II's Mother: [worried, after saving Goliath II from Raja] Goliath, Goliath! How many times have I told you not to wander off that way?
[she places her son on a nest]
Goliath II's Mother: [now angry] Now you stay right here! You getting to be a terrible nusiance - now stop being a pest!
[Goliath II goes stunned at that comment as he sees the other elephants glaring at him]

[the mouse has scared all of the elephants away and into the river, except Goliath II, who doesn't budge]
Mouse: [to Goliath II] What's the trouble, buster? Scared stiff?
Goliath II: I'm not scared at all.
Mouse: You're not?
Goliath II: I'm just as big as you are.
Mouse: But that's not the point, kid. I'm a mouse! You're an elephant. At least you look like one. You got a trunk.
[he pulls on Goliath's trunk]
Mouse: Flappy ears!
[he tugs and flaps on Goliath's big ears]
Mouse: Ho-ho-ho! Baggy pants!
[he kicks Goliath in the rear]

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First Walt Disney production fully animated by the Xerox process for transferring pencil drawings to cells.
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Best Animated Short Film Oscar 1960

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Also directed by Wolfgang Reitherman

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Also produced by Walt Disney

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Also released in 1960

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