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Diamond Head (1963) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Guy Green and produced by Jerry Bresler.

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Dr. Dean Kahanna: My brother knows you were born to the purple, but he doesn't know how much you like to wear it.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Well that's a switch isn't it? What you really mean is will I do right by Paul.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Exactly. Will you run him like your brother runs everything? Will you be his wife or will he be just your husband?
Dr. Dean Kahanna: What cave do you live in? How is it any different for me to be just his wife or for him to be just my husband?
Dr. Dean Kahanna: If someone is wearing the shoes it had better be the man.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Ha
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Don't forget Sloane, I grew up with you too, and I took notes. Remember that summer when you were 15, up by the waterfall? Do you remember what you did? You took off your clothes and dove in.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: I remember. I said "Come on in Deano, come on in." And why didn't you? Were you too shocked? I bet you'd be shocked right now.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: I wasn't shocked Sloane. I wanted to.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: [caught off guard] You know what I would have done if you had? I would have scratced your eyes out and said "I hate you Dean Kahanna, I hate you."
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Sure Sloan. I hate you too.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Oh, Deano. I don't know why, but you bring out the spitting witch in me. One of us must be an awful person.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Both of us. I bring out the spitting witch, but it has to be there to come out.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: And that's with just one pair of shoes.

Dr. Dean Kahanna: Dean. Dean!
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Hey, bad dream? You know, you've been pretty free with my name tonight. Once drunk, once in a nightmare.

Dr. Dean Kahanna: Well?
Dr. Dean Kahanna: You know why I'm here. I tried to stay away Sloane, but I couldn't. Look, I hit you and I'm sorry. It's been hurting ever since.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: Does this mean you're ready to try, how did you put it, sleeping three in a bed?
Dr. Dean Kahanna: I'm ready to sleep two in my bed.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: [kisses her]
Dr. Dean Kahanna: [ripping Dean away from Sloane] What do you think your doing?
Dr. Dean Kahanna: I'm telling Sloane I'm going to marry her.
Dr. Dean Kahanna: I've about had a gut full of you Kahanna's!
Dr. Dean Kahanna: And I've had a gut full of you Howland. I'm not going to let you ruin Sloane's life. Even if you haven't got a woman of your own anymore, get out of my bed and stay out.

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According to Charlton Heston in his book "In the Arena", this film was originally intended as a vehicle for Clark Gable in the late-1950s, which is why Heston's character retains the nickname "King".
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