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Cheyenne Autumn (1964) was a Drama - Historical Film directed by John Ford and produced by John Ford and Bernard Smith.

Academy Awards 1964 --- Ceremony Number 37 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyWilliam H. ClothierNominated

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Cheyenne Autumn (1964): John Ford’s Western Swan Song

By 4 Star Film Fan on Jan 10, 2021 From 4 Star Films

If we had to provide a broad sense of Cheyenne Autumn, it would be all about the mass Exodus of the Cheyenne in 1878 as they journey from the arid land they’ve been subjugated to back to the land the white man had promised to return to them all along. This is a Hollywood rendition so, obviousl... Read full article

Cheyenne Autumn (1964)

By Beatrice on May 20, 2018 From Flickers in Time

Cheyenne Autumn Directed by John Ford Written by James R. Webb, suggested by “Cheyenne Autumn” by Mari Sandoz 1964/USA Warner Bros./Ford-Smith Productions First viewing/Netflix rental This beautiful movie represents the peak of John Ford’s later career. It is 1878. ?The Cheyenne In... Read full article

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Little Wolf: I pray the young one will give me sons. But I want them to be born where I, and all my people before me, were born.
Dull Knife: Even a dog can go where he likes... but not a Cheyenne.

Dr. O'Carberry: [quote] The whole truth of the matter is that you let this become a test of wills between you and the Cheyenne. You have made it your own personal fight!
Capt. Oskar Wessels: You are a liar! You lie! Nothing I have done is personal. I am a soldier. I was a soldier in Prussia and I am a soldier here! All my life I have given and taken orders! What would this world be without orders? Anarchy! Chaos! I will not let that start here. And you... You... I will not let you spread these lies!

Capt. Thomas Archer: And so when the Nation was safe, the Sacred Bundle, symbol of the Chief of Chiefs, was passed on. For no one could carry it who had shed the blood of another Cheyenne.

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Facts about

According to both John Ford and James Stewart, Ford added the segment with Stewart in place of an intermission. Ford didn't want people leaving the auditorium to go the bathroom or concessions counter, even though the film was long, and so he came up with the Wyatt Earp segment. He later quipped to Stewart that the actor was the "best intermission" in the movies.
The "Cheyenne" are actually Navajo, telling dirty jokes in their native tongue.
Spencer Tracy was first cast as the secretary of interior Karl Shultz, but had a heart attack and was replaced by Edward G. Robinson, whose scenes were entirely photographed in studios, including the climatic meeting scene between Shultz and the Cheyenne chiefs, in which the background had to be done with screen process.
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