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Big Brown Eyes (1936) was a Comedy - Mystery Film directed by Raoul Walsh and produced by Walter Wanger.


Bennett is a manicurist and Grant a detective in this comedy-mystery. Sparks fly between the two, but he is a bit wary of becoming involved with her. She ditches fingernails for sleuthing and is soon hot on the trail of a child murderer. The ensuing trial is a miscarriage of justice as the murder uses bribery and trickery to get himself acquitted. Frustrated Grant quits and Bennett is fired. The pair next set their sights on investigating a jewel heist.

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Big Brown Eyes (1936)

By Beatrice on Aug 10, 2013 From Flickers in Time

Big Brown Eyes Directed by Raoul Walsh Written by Bert Hanlon and Raoul Walsh based on a story by James Edward Grant 1936/USA Walter Wanger Productions for Paramount Pictures First viewing Eve Fallon: You wait… you look like a waiter anyway. This movie was a sure sign that Raoul Walsh was no... Read full article

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[Morey sees Eve at the hotel drugstore counter buying aspirin. He enters and starts a conversation with her, finding out that she has just lost her manicurist job]
Richard Morey: They have nice perfumes here.
Eve Fallon: Yeah, if you can afford 'em.
Richard Morey: Uh, how much are these?
Off-screen Sales Clerk: Fifty-five dollars.
Richard Morey: Give me four of them.
Eve Fallon: Mmmmm. You must have lots of friends.
Richard Morey: Oh, they're all for you.
Eve Fallon: Oh, but I couldn't.
Richard Morey: Oh, but you could.
Eve Fallon: Oh, but I mustn't.
Richard Morey: Oh, but you must. And you will. How about some candy, too? Here you are. You like sweets?
[piling on the candy boxes]
Richard Morey: One more.
Eve Fallon: Please! I'll have to get a truck to carry all these things home.
Richard Morey: No, you won't. My car's right here at the door.
[to the sales clerk]
Richard Morey: Charge it, will you?
[fade to the back seat of Morey's limo]
Richard Morey: An apartment, French maid, your own car and chauffeur. Doesn't it sound good?
Eve Fallon: [deadpan] Mmmmm. Too good to be true.
Richard Morey: It... could be true.
Eve Fallon: [sardonically] And all I'd have to do is manicure your nails?
Eve Fallon: [getting up to leave] Here's my house.
Richard Morey: But Eve, haven't you forgotten something?
Eve Fallon: Yeah, my key, but I'll slip through the transom.
Richard Morey: But what about the candy and perfume?
Eve Fallon: Ah, give the candy to your chauffeur and use the perfume yourself.
[Eve slams the car door]

Eve Fallon: You'd lie about the weather!

Editor: Wait! Wait!
Eve Fallon: You wait... you look like a waiter anyway.

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One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.
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