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Ball of Fire (1941) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Howard Hawks and produced by Samuel Goldwyn.


When Cooper and his sheltered, highbrow colleagues begin work on a new encyclopedia, he enlists the aid of Stanwyck to help explain slang, unaware that she is a gangster moll being hidden by her on-the-lam boyfriend. Stanwyck's earthiness soon captivates the sheltered professor, who learns to pitch woo and fists as well as slang. Wilder and Brackett were deservedly nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Story.

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Academy Awards 1941 --- Ceremony Number 14 (source: AMPAS)

Best ActressBarbara StanwyckNominated
Best Music - ScoringAlfred NewmanNominated
Best WritingBilly Wilder, Thomas MonroeNominated

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Quotes from

Sugarpuss O'Shea: I love him because he's the kind of guy who gets drunk on a glass of buttermilk, and I love the way he blushes right up over his ears. I love him because he doesn't know how to kiss, the jerk!

Duke Pastrami: [Giving Sugarpuss O'Shea a message from Joe Lilac] He sends ya' a love message. He says to tell ya' he gets more bang outta' you than any dame he ever knew.

Sugarpuss O'Shea: [about Potts] Yes, I love him. I love those hick shirts he wears with the boiled cuffs and the way he always has his vest buttoned wrong. He looks like a giraffe, and I love him.

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Facts about

While filming the scene in which Potts declares his love for Sugarpuss in a dark hotel bungalow, Gregg Toland put Barbara Stanwyck in blackface to make sure that her eyes were shining through the darkness.
Producer Samuel Goldwyn promised director Billy Wilder a $10,000 bonus if Ball of Fire became a box office hit. When the movie was released in theaters, it was an instant success. One day, Wilder stopped by Samuel Goldwyn's office and asked for his $10,000 bonus. But Goldwyn flew into a rage. "You Hungarian thief!" he shouted at Wilder. "I never promised any such thing! Get out of here!" Wilder left the office, furious. But that night, Goldwyn's wife, Helen, awoke to find him pacing the floor of their bedroom. "I've just remembered that Wilder was right," Goldwyn told her. "I *did* promise him a $10,000 bonus." "What are you going to do?" asked Helen. "What *can* I do?" Goldwyn replied. "I'm going to sit down here and write Wilder a check for $5,000!"
When Gary Cooper is taking notes of the news boy's slang, the marquee on the theater across the street advertises Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, an inside joke that refers to the script's inspiration.
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