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Anne of the Thousand Days (1969) was a Drama - Historical Film directed by Charles Jarrott and produced by Hal B. Wallis and Richard McWhorter.

Academy Awards 1969 --- Ceremony Number 42 (source: AMPAS)

Best ActorRichard BurtonNominated
Best Supporting ActorAnthony QuayleNominated
Best ActressGenevieve BujoldNominated
Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Maurice Carter, Lionel Couch; Set Decoration: Patrick McLoughlinNominated
Best CinematographyArthur IbbetsonNominated
Best Costume DesignMargaret FurseWon
Best Music - ScoringGeorges DelerueNominated
Best PictureHal B. Wallis, ProducerNominated
Best WritingScreenplay by John Hale, Bridget Boland; Adaptation by Richard SokoloveNominated

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Quotes from

[first lines]
King Henry VIII: What is the verdict?
Thomas Cromwell: Guilty - Your Grace.
King Henry VIII: All of them?
Thomas Cromwell: Guilty.

King Henry VIII: Mistress Anne, will you teach the king of England how they dance in the French court?
Anne: There is nothing that France can teach England, your majesty.
King Henry VIII: Well said. Well said.

King Henry VIII: Nan, is it true?
Anne: Have you stepped into your own trap, my lord? Any evidence you have against me, you yourself bought and paid for. Do you now begin to believe it?
King Henry VIII: Anny, the court is still in session to decide your... verdict. I don't want to hear your guilt from them, I want to hear it from your lips.
Anne: That I was unfaithful to you?
King Henry VIII: Yes, just that. Were you unfaithful to me whilst I still loved you? Of course, I'll never know. Whether you say aye or no, I shall never know.
Anne: You come here to make sure whether there was truly adultery, Because that would touch your manhood or your pride. And even so, my heart and my eyes are glad of you. Fool of all women that I am, I'm glad of you here. Go, then. Keep your pride of manhood, you know about me now.
King Henry VIII: Nan, is it true that you're glad to see me?
Anne: Yes, it's true.
King Henry VIII: Then, Anne, lets do all gently for old times sake. I have no wish to harm you, and your words have moved me deeply. I must be free to have a son, and the son must be free to rule England when I die.
Anne: Why must you leave a king to follow you, Henry? Why not a queen?
King Henry VIII: This country has never been ruled by a queen. I know it never could be. We can never have a son now, God has spoken. I must have a son elsewhere. And it's getting late. I'm not as young as I was.
Anne: What do you want of me?
King Henry VIII: Agree to annul the marriage and give up all rights. You shall go abroad and take Elizabeth with you. You will be well cared for. Please set me free.
Anne: To marry Seymour and make our child a bastard? No. No. No.
King Henry VIII: Nan... Nan, you leave me no choice!
Anne: Once I told you any children we had would not be bastards. You promised marriage and the crown. Now you try to dance out of your promise. Well, I won't have it! We are man and wife together. King and Queen. I keep that. Take it from me as best you can.
King Henry VIII: Then you have decided, and so have I!
Anne: Before you go, perhaps you should hear one thing. I lied to you. I said "I love you", but I lied. I was untrue. Untrue with many.
King Henry VIII: That is a lie.
Anne: It is true. I was unfaithful to you with all of them. With half your court. With soldiers of your guard, with grooms, with stablehands. Look for the rest of your life at every man that ever knew me and wonder if I didn't find him a better man than you!
King Henry VIII: You whore!

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Facts about

The masked girl who interrupts Queen Katherine's prayers is played by an unbilled Elizabeth Taylor.
A critical and financial flop on release.
Olivia Hussey was the first choice for the role of Anne, but she turned the role down due to personal problems she was dealing with at the time.
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