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Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937) was a Comedy - Fantasy Film directed by David Butler and produced by Laurence Schwab.


Ali Bobo, an extra working on a splashy Arabian adventure in Hollywood, falls asleep on the set and dreams he is back in ancient Arabia. There he is hired by Sultan of Baghdad to act as Chief Minister. Resolving to turn Baghdad into a peaceful, happy utopia, Ali sets about decommissioning the Sultan's army, increasing taxes on the rich, and increasing the availability of jobs. Understandably, Ali's new schemes do not wash well with all and pretty soon he has several enemies all bent on murdering him. Overcoming them with the help of a flying carpet, Ali saves the day and then wakes up to find himself back in reality.

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Quotes from

Sultan: I hope you'll enjoy what we've got - if you don't mind taking pot luck?
Ali Baba: Can I get a hot dog and a bottle of pop?
Sultan: Hot dog? Pop?
Ali Baba: That's the great national diet in America. I've just come from there.
Sultan: America? Where is that?
Ali Baba: A great open space between New York and Hollywood.

Ali Baba: Excuse me, who are these fellows? They're not even listening!
Sultan: They're my new musicians from Africa.
Ali Baba: Africa?
[to musicians]
Ali Baba: What part of Africa?
Sultan: I'm afraid they don't understand you. You see, they talk a strange tongue.
Ali Baba: [to musicians] Parlez-vous Français?
[No response]
Ali Baba: Se hable espanol? Capisce italian'?
[No response]
Ali Baba: Verstehse bissel Yiddish?
[No response. Ali Baba has a flash of inspiration]
Ali Baba: Wait a minute! Hi de hi de ho?
Musicians: Hee de hee de hee!
Ali Baba: Hey de hey de hey!
Musicians: Ho de ho de ho!

Ali Baba: Wait, I think I've got something! You don't have to be a sultan - you can resign!
Sultan: Resign? Desert my throne? Forsake my people? Allah would never forgive me.
Ali Baba: You don't have to desert your people. You can go on being the head man, but instead of sultan you become a president.
Sultan: A what?
Ali Baba: A president, like they have in America.
Sultan: Well, does he rule the country?
Ali Baba: Does he rule the country? Hunh! Ask the Republicans!

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Facts about

The final film appearance of Douglas Fairbanks.
Two special-effects grips were killed when a machine that was being used to make the "flying carpet" look like it was flying jumped off its tracks and fell on them.
Eddie Cantor appears as himself in the film's final sequence with Tony Martin.
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