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Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by William Witney and John English .

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Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941, William Witney and John English)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Nov 26, 2017 From The Stop Button

About seventy percent of Adventures of Captain Marvel is narratively useless. Nothing occurring in chapters two through ten has an effect on how the story actually turns out. The serial has a great first chapter involving a tomb robbing archeological expedition in Thailand. Radio journalist Frank Co... Read full article

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941, John English and William Witney), Chapter 12: Captain Marvel’s Secret

By Andrew Wickliffe on Nov 22, 2017 From The Stop Button

Captain Marvel?s Secret opens with yet another lackluster cliffhanger resolve. No reason to change it up at the end, apparently. The chapter has a lot to do in sixteen minutes. It?s got to reveal the evil Scorpion?s identity, stop the Scorpion?s evil plan, and maybe do something regarding Frank Cogh... Read full article

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941, John English and William Witney), Chapter 11:

By Andrew Wickliffe on Nov 21, 2017 From The Stop Button

Valley of Death is the penultimate chapter of Adventures of Captain Marvel. It?s in a rush to finish. The cliffhanger resolution is boring, though leads to some decent effects shots. The cast ends up in a hotel somewhere, planning to return to Thailand and the tombs from the first chapter. Villain R... Read full article

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941, John English and William Witney), Chapter 10: Doom Ship

By Andrew Wickliffe on Nov 20, 2017 From The Stop Button

There?s nothing nice to say about Doom Ship?s opening cliffhanger resolution other than it?s short and leads into an energetic fight scene for Frank Coghlan Jr. More than ever, Coghlan?s got the wrong timing for turning into Tom Tyler?s Captain Marvel this chapter. Unlike the times when Coghlan?s be... Read full article

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941, John English and William Witney), Chapter 9: Dead Man’s Trap

By Andrew Wickliffe on Nov 19, 2017 From The Stop Button

Dead Man?s Trap is, I guess, a bridging chapter. It depends on what?s next. Otherwise it?s a treading water chapter. It picks up from the previous chapter?s ?cliffhanger? (quotations because it?s more of a ?beware the cliff 150 meters away? than anything else) and gives George Pembroke quite a bit t... Read full article

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Quotes from

[handing the Scroll of the Scorpion to Billy]
Tal Chotali: And Billy, this is for you to guard. Guard it well. It contains a precious... and a dangerous secret.

[first lines]
[sound of a huge gong omninously echoes down the valley]
Billy Batson: What's that, Mr. Howell?
Howell [Ch. 1]: I don't know, Billy - let's find out. What do you make of that cymbal, Malcolm?
John Malcolm: I don't know, Howell. Does it mean anything to you, Tal Chotali?
Tal Chotali: The men of the hills are gathering. The cymbal says that the white men are to be driven from the Valley of Tombs.

Scorpion: The discovery he is referring to concerns the five lenses that fit into the arms of the Golden Scorpion you see before you. With the lenses in place, the sun's rays can be utilized to change inert material into powerful explosives and to turn base metals into gold. Whoever controls this device will have power such as men have dreamed of since the beginning of time.
Barnett [Ch. 2-10]: And it's my job to get the lenses. Tell me who's got them and I'll get to work.
Scorpion: Oh, it won't be so easy, Barnett. The lenses were divided among the scientists who have hidden them carefully.
Barnett [Ch. 2-10]: But you are one of these men. That's gonna help us!
Scorpion: Naturally. We're holding a meeting at Professor Malcolm's house today. I want you to see that Henry Carlyle does not arrive at that meeting. His lens is the first point of attack.

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Facts about

The Golden Scorpion weapon featured in this serial would be reintroduced in Captain Marvel's 1990 series, "The Power of Shazam!"
The effect of Captain Marvel flying was achieved by filming an over-sized dummy that was slid along a fine wire
Chapter Titles:
  • 1. Curse of the Scorpion
  • 2. The Guillotine
  • 3. Time Bomb
  • 4. Death Takes the Wheel
  • 5. The Scorpion Strikes
  • 6. Lens of Death
  • 7. Human Targets
  • 8. Boomerang
  • 9. Dead Man's Trap
  • 10.Doom Ship
  • 11.Valley of Death
  • 12.Captain Marvel's Secret

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